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May 2, 2012 03:25 PM

Road Trippin....

Hello everyone.

My husband and I are going on a road trip in mid-June for two weeks. Toronto to Halifax and back. His second trip down, my umpteenth time. We will be travelling through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We both love all kinds of food and love trying new of the reasons we are so super excited about this trip.

We plan to basically be on and off the trans Canada and will be seeing as many towns/cities as we can. Definitely passing and possible stopping are: Miramichi, Moncton, St. John, Hopewell Rocks, Edmundston, Frederction in NB and Halifax (Timberlea), Yarmouth/South Shore area NS.

If anyone has any great spots to stop, we'd love to hear and just may plan a detour around the place(I'm a food nut). Anything on or off the beaten path is appriciated.


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  1. Just as an add on: We will research the board for known places in the main towns. We were thinking more along the lines of places off the main route that would be interesting to try, different, hidden jems, DDD's,. We will travel a different route both ways.....main highways and smaller roads. If you can think of anything not usually listed, I'd love to hear. If it seems worth it we will travel to try these places. We pretty much eat all/any foods and all cultures. Comfort/casual to semi-fine dining preferred. Thanks in advance.

    1. Is there any specific type of food you are most interested in? I really only have advice for Halifax. A local independent paper just releases their annual food survey. Check it out:

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        Thanks for the link........I'll check it out. There is no food we are most interested in. We love all kinds of foods and enjoy trying different cultures. As we will be on the coast, we will seek out seafood at some points, although not required at all. We do want to check out Salvatore's as we saw it on "You Gotta Eat Here" and want to try the clam pizza. Other than that, I just keep reading the boards.

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          Salvatore's is great, but ive never had the clam pizza. It's busy and has few seats, so try to hit it at off peak times or get takeout and eat on the grass in the park across the street. The Hydrostone, which is where Salvatores is located, has a number of really nice spots.

          I'm a fan of The Battered Fish for fish'n'chips. They are on the waterfront as well as the Bedford Highway.

          Chives is a nice spot downtown. Focus on what is fresh and local where possible.

          There are lots of great spots in Halifax, but coming from TO, I think you'll be disappointed in the "ethnic" offerings. I would stick to local type stuff.

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            We have never had clam pizza, however it did look yummy on the show. Something new and fun to try. Thanks for the the seating/timing tip.....really appreciate it.

            Will keep The Battered Fish and Chives in mind......thanks for the rec. I agree on local......I can eat ethnic here so local and fresh are what we are after most.

            Lobster is on the menu, however we are visiting a friend and we will purchase that and do a lobster boil at her place.

            We are in the Timberlea/Halifax area for three days with a visit into Lower Sackville for a few hours (to visit my mothers grave) and one day we may do South Shore. Want to make a list of our options from everyones opinions from here and I'll have it on hand wherever we stop.

            Thanks so much for the ideas.........keep em coming. I'm so excited to visit and absoloutely love your province. I was born in Ontario, my mother from Nova Scotia, but oddly enough it feels like home when I'm there. 20 more days!!!!!!

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              If you do the South Shore, I recommend Trattoria del Nonna in Lunenbug.

      2. If your coming to halifax and you want to have lebanese food i would definitely go to Mezza Mediterranean Grill... its on Quinpool road and Oxford street. The food is amazing and restaurant is beautiful. There is another place on dresden row called Moda Urban Dinning which has the best burger i've tried, The Bison Burger... ridiculous. An amazing breakfast is The Coastal its on Robie street just after Almon street! thats pretty much a day for eating! enjoy it.

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        1. re: Edwardings

          Thanks for the recs. I'll probably not try lebanese food as there is a great place right outside my work her in Toronto......actually call Mezza Lebanese Kitchen. I will, however keep in mind Moda Urban Dining and The Coastal and hope to try them. I am only in the Halifax area for three days and one will be spent fully at a friends place so that leaves two days of food places to try. One more week. Yipeeeee.

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            And the forecast for next week looks really nice :)

            We had a really nice meal at A Mano this past weekend. It's in Bishops Landing on the Halifax waterfront.