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May 2, 2012 03:03 PM

What are you baking these days? May 2012 [old]

Hi all, sorry I'm late (puff puff) -- this is a biggish month for me, with Himself's birthday tomorrow and our anniversary on the 12th both calling for cakes. And all the other usual suspects. How about you? What are YOU baking these days?

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  1. I will be making a Fraisier cake for MIL for Mother's Day. Other than that, I don't really eat baked goods anymore so I'll have to live vicariously through you.

    1. I just made a lovely blueberry buckle from Carole Walter's coffee cake book. It's not very sweet, and you can really taste the blueberries, which add a tart note to the cake. A great breakfast option.

      I am on the hunt for a really good red velvet cake recipe. A friend of mine who is from Texas has a birthday next week, and I promised her that I would bake her a cake. I was hoping she would want a coconut cake, since I have that one in the bag, but red velvet is her favorite. My problem with most red velvet cakes (aside from all the red dye!) is that they seem to be neither fish nor fowl. There's not enough cocoa for them to be chocolate cakes, so I'm never sure what I'm actually eating. Plus they sometimes can be dry. I guess that I will take a look at RLB's recipe in Heavenly Cakes. She is usually so reliable...

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        I doubt you'd go wrong w RLB. I especially like the reverse-creamed cakes (butter added to the dry ingredients).

      2. I just made the Ricotta Apple Cake (Louisa's Cake) from Food 52. It is moist and wonderful. I added orange zest. I believe someone recommended it and I thank them.

        I also made the Oatmeal muffins from Quick Vegetarian Pleasures, I love these - simple and sweet, but not too sweet.

        1. Plain old brownies - I'm on a quest for the chewy/crusty/dense kind but the kicker is that I have three cans of cocoa in my cabinets, so cocoa only. (Don't ask how I ended up with so many containers, I have no clue.) So far, the most annoying recipe for this super simple confection has been the best. (Annoying only in that it calls for 2/3'ds of a cup of this, 2 1/2 tsps. of that - it's like a quest to get every single measuring utensil dirty.)

 I am using the Nestle cocoa powder for these (amongst one of three brands in said cupboard) and cannot stop eating the damn things. Only change to the recipe was to cut one of the eggs and no nuts.

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            Man Catcher Brownies...2 cups cocoa....FABULOUS, I will never make another brownie recipe again. Easy, too.

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              Wow, googled it - that is unlike any brownie recipe I've ever seen, honestly.

              So are they fudgy-but-chewy with a crunchy edge, or fudgy and a little chewy, or chewy and... ?

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                Not to answer for kmlmgm, but you might want to scroll through this old (long) thread all about the "mancatchers":

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                  The are fudgy, primarily. But, for some rmagical reason (the butter?), they seem to embody the qualities every brownie lover (despite their chewy/fudgy/cakey preferences) is looking for. In truth, they fill the brownie "wants" of every baker. I don't even like chocolate, (any variation of chocolate ice cream grosses me out, yet I can eat a half g. of any vanilla based type), and I like these buggers! There are a lot of eggs, a lot of butter, etc. but it makes a decent 9 X 13 or even 10 X 15 pan, you cut them very small because they are so satisfying you really don't need to eat more than a tiny bit. I have made them with and without nuts, my kds, "nut haters" eat them no matter what. Try them, I very rarely say this about a recipe, but I doubt you'll be disappointed.

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                  After all these brownies? Not a chance! ;)

              2. Just moved to a new house and within the first week I accidentally ran my neighbour over. I was reversing and didn't see him behind the van. He wasn't badly hurt at all. Anyway, as an 'oh shit, I'm soo sorry!' gesture I baked him a chocolate, chilli and ginger cake.
                I used the Angela Nilsen Ultimate Chocolate Cake recipe and just added a finely diced, medium-hot chilli and a couple of table spoons of ginger powder.
                For the topping, I made a dark chocolate ganache and decorated it with diced pieces of stem ginger and dried chilli flakes.
                MMM cake makes everything better :)

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                  So glad you weren't taking that cake to his widow! (Joking aside, that sounds like a nice peace offering.)