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May 2, 2012 02:18 PM

Best Persian Lamb?

I love Persian style lamb, and have been exploring the large range of offerings available around the city (mostly in North Vancouver, but other locations too). So far the best I have located is Lonsdale Kabob (106 13th St W in North Vancouver).

The lamb is literally spoon tender, nicely crusted with a slight caramelization, served with light fluffy Persian rice, a fresh salad, and two grilled tomatoes. It is really delicious.

They sadly give rather stale pita as the side bread instead of sangak or another Persian bread. On the bright side they sometimes throw in a free cup of soup while you are waiting for the main.

I'm curious what the best Persian style lamb you've found is?

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  1. i've recently (past couple of months) had the lamb chops at Cazba on 16th and Lonsdale -- with rice and tomato.

    it was OK - nothing spectacular. Just small and boney. But cooked the way i like it (med rare lamb)

    And apparently, they also believe in stale thick slabs of pita. Ugh.

    anyway, nothing that i would race back for - but it was interesting to try.

    sorry, can't help but i will be interested in other opinions, recommendations etc.

    1. The picture shows lamb kebabs. By "Persian style lamb", do you mean Persian lamb kebabs specifically? Lamb is a common meat in Iran, it is prepared in may types of ways....

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        I was talking about lamb kebabs, but would love to hear of other good Persian lamb dish locations too if you know of any good khoresht-e-mast or berian spots. Haven't found great ones in the Vancouver area yet.

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          Have you tried Darchin YVR? We had a good meal there a while ago, but it seems to get pretty mixed reviews.

          1. re: À la carte

            I have tried Darchin. It wasn't a positive experience for me. It was overpriced, felt like it was trying to target a different type of crowd, and the quality was just average.

          2. re: YVRChow

            There are a lot of Persian dishes with lamb. Braised lamb shank over dilll and fava bean rice (Baqala Polow ba Macheh); the working man's lunch -- simple tomato lamb stew with potatoes and chick peas (Abgusht); and the working man's breakfast - lamb head breakfast stew (Kaleh Pacheh) -- to name a few.

            The majority of red meat koreshts that you see in Persian restaurants were originally made with lamb. My favourite red meat koreshts are Koresh-e-qeimeh (lamb or beef stew with split lentils), Koresh-e-Bedmjan (lamb or beef stew with eggplant), and Koresh-e-gormehe-sabzi (lamb or beef stew with fresh herbs).

            Unfortunately, traditionally Persians only go out for kebab and many of the restaurants, supported by the local Persian community, have sub par food when it comes to dishes that are not kebabs. Cazbah, Zeitoon in North Vancouver and Shiraz in West Vancouver are the ones my Persian parents like. I am partial to Yaas Bazaar because you see what you are gonna get but to get truly outstanding you need to make some Persian friends.

            1. re: lunchslut

              So true LS. I was lucky enough to have some home-cooked fesenjan a couple of months ago. Better than anything I'd had at a restaurant before or since.

        2. While not Persian .. Tibisti Foods and Grill on Vic Drive do pretty good grilled meat. Nothing fancy here but the halal meat from the in house butcher is fresh and cooked quite well. Nice and tender. Mohammed and the other staff are very friendly. Very reasonable prices ...