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May 2, 2012 02:00 PM

places to buy substainably raised meats in reno,nv

im looking for a butcher or a meat supplier near the reno area that sells meats that are raised properly and some what local to the area if any one knows that would be great

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    1. I read an article about this place a while back: . I think they're about half an hour outside of Reno. They have some kind of share program for sustainably raised meats. The Great Basin Community Food Co-op right in Reno sells grass-fed, humanely raised beef and lamb from Hulsman Ranch, and there's also Overland Meat Co., a full-service butcher in South Lake Tahoe.

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        I've bought goat a couple of times from Great Basin. VERY good.

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          Thank you!!! For the life of me, I couldn't remember their name, Wolf Pack Meats. They were in danger of closing recently because of their facility on UNR land but it appears that got settled with a lot of community involvement.

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            A good friend worked with the Ag department ass part of his wildlife biology major. In one upper division bio class we used the Ag guys as a wonderful resource. In the Psych department we fortunate to use the Ag department once again for an animal behavior study. It was great to see and learn about all that goes on behind the scenes. Not every day does a vegetarian recommend a meat purveyor so you *know* I think highly of them :)

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              You might be interested in this little bit of background:


              The main professor for this died and there was no one to take his place. Hopefully it's resolved for quite a long time.

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                Thanks for the link - hopefully UNR meats remains stable for a long time!