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May 2, 2012 01:50 PM


You may wonder what "Footo" means. It stands for, "Fresh Out Of The Oven." This little spot makes a big deal out of their baking schedule, listing the times croissants will be coming out of the oven so you can get it footo.

Brenda graduated from the Baking & Pastry Arts diploma at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, and is behind all of the creations.

She makes her croissants with no artificial colours, preservatives, chemicals, etc. and uses ingredients like unsalted New Zealand Fonterra butter, and Himalayan crystal salt.

When I arrived the footo offering was the maple bacon croissant. I had really wanted to just try a regular croissant to get a feel for things, but how can you resist footo?

The croissant was topped with a few pieces of crispy bacon and filled with a maple cream. The croissant itself was not as flaky as I would normally like, but my guess is that cream filling had something to do with that. It was a tasty pastry overall, and if it wasn't called a croissant it would be close to perfect! As a croissant it was not as buttery as I would expect.

I'll be back and hope to catch a regular croissant fresh out of the oven to sample it pure.

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  1. very tempting --- where is this located?

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    1. Sounds interesting!

      In case anyone else is wondering, I looked it up and it's at 820 Homer, by the downtown library.

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        Went last week, sampled two different kinds- apple/cheese and a regular croissant.
        They were slightly better than grocery store fare, sadly.
        Size was good, fairly flakey and flavourful, but not seemingly fresh as advertised. They tasted somehow flat & chewy... missing the airy, outer crunch to inner soft butteriness that makes for my ideal croissant. I've had better in the city, and won't bother going back.

        1. re: majordomo

          I too had a disappointing experience some time back. I went in looking for a post breakfast snack and tried the cheese croissant, i expected something relatively fresh from the oven or kept in some type of warmer but was given the croissant from the counter display case, it must have been atleast 12 hours old, the cheese was solidified and pastry chewy and dense. I really wanted to like this place as it is a fantastic idea. But for almost $3 and a huge let down, i unfortunately will not be giving them another try. I did not see a baking schedule when i was there (perhaps this started afterr my visit) but would have appreciated if the counter person would have advised me to try a fresher variety rather than have me feel i was just another opportuinity to pass off the stale stock.