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May 2, 2012 01:45 PM

Woodland Smokehouse & Commissary - nice sandwiches!

This new large commissary space rents out its kitchen to chefs that need professional space to produce their product. They have several regular users that produce their product here for sale elsewhere, but also sell a large number of the products in the front.

I ordered a smoked meat sandwich. They asked me if I wanted cheese, and I said no. Somehow that got lost and they made it with cheese and then panini pressed it. Go figure. In any case, even though they had bad listening skills, the sandwich was tasty. It came on a nice thickly sliced rye bread, with a spicy mustard, cheese (bastards), and a nice thickly hand cut smoked meat. A very nice sandwich overall.

I'll be back, but will verify twice with them that they listen to the food order. :)

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  1. i sure like your photos you put in your various posts - they make it all look so tempting and hungry --

    don't intend to nag you (as i've asked this same question of you today on a diff post) - but where is this one located?

    thank you for the recent reviews. we will certainly keep them in mind because we prefer more casual food than hi end sit-down service.

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    1. re: Georgia Strait

      Thanks for the kind words on the photos - sorry for the quality - I take them on my phone.

      Sorry. Keep forgetting to add location in. 485 Commercial Drive. Details here:

    2. I've been meaning to post about Woodland. The bacon there is pretty darn good. Pick up a pack next time you are there. I haven't had the sandwiches, but they do look good.