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May 2, 2012 01:10 PM

Street Food Block Party (TUM/Food Truck Eats) - May 5 @ Brickworks

Was fortunate to get tickets for this Saturday, looking for any tips/recommendations based on past TUM or Food Truck Eats events as I have not been to one yet.

Admission is $20. Did your admission get you anything or is it simply admission? I felt like 20 bucks was steep if it's just to get you in the door.

Average price of food ? Guessing in the $3 - $5 range?

Also guessing I should get there early to avoid lineups and vendors running out of food. Since shuttles stop running at 5:15 pm and the Davisville bus stops at 6 pm, do most people just take cabs once the event is over?

Any other good nuggets? Good vendors you'd recommend from past events?

Thanks all.

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  1. $20 is admission only. I think the food range is probably more like $3 - $7.

    - Go with friends. Spread out into different lines and have each person buy enough to share.
    - It helps to bring a cutting utensil to divvy up food.
    - It helps to have a tray or platter to hold multiple food items as you are trying to share/eat, as there are rarely enough tables.
    - The line ups will be massive, so unless you wait in line to get in before the doors open, be prepared to wait for 30 minutes and UP (like an hour or more) for the most popular places.

    Be mentally prepared for crowds. I have no idea how they are going to fit a bunch of food trucks and 2500 people into that space.

    1. Here's a great list of tips for food events like this. Some are repeats of what I wrote above, but there is other useful stuff there:

      I really cannot emphasize the divide and conquer strategy enough! If you don't do this, you will spend most of your time standing in lines rather than eating. :)

      1. the shuttles usually run all night until the event is over.