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May 2, 2012 01:09 PM

Best Restaurants Under $30 pp (not including drinks)

As much as I'd love to go to high end restaurants all the time, I just cannot afford it.
What are some quality "everyday" restaurants - any cuisine and any neighborhood - that you think are must-tries, but also that a couple can leave for under $60 (not including drinks and tip).

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    1. Rubirosa
      Zabb Elee
      Cafe China
      Tap Room at Colicchio and Sons
      Fatty Crab
      Fairway Cafe
      5 Napkin Burger

      1. I doubt you can do better than Tocqueville's $29 lunch prix fixe. $29.00 for three course menu (app, main, dessert) and $47.00 with a wine pairing.

        1. Sorella
          Kin Shop if you order carefully

          1. If you want high end on a budget, ABC Kitchen does a 3 course prix fixe lunch on weekdays for $28 pp -- I would highly recommend making a reservation. One of my favorite meals ever and the price for the quality of food can't be beat.