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Best Restaurants Under $30 pp (not including drinks)

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As much as I'd love to go to high end restaurants all the time, I just cannot afford it.
What are some quality "everyday" restaurants - any cuisine and any neighborhood - that you think are must-tries, but also that a couple can leave for under $60 (not including drinks and tip).

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    1. Rubirosa
      Zabb Elee
      Cafe China
      Tap Room at Colicchio and Sons
      Fatty Crab
      Fairway Cafe
      5 Napkin Burger

      1. I doubt you can do better than Tocqueville's $29 lunch prix fixe. $29.00 for three course menu (app, main, dessert) and $47.00 with a wine pairing.

        1. Sorella
          Kin Shop if you order carefully

          1. If you want high end on a budget, ABC Kitchen does a 3 course prix fixe lunch on weekdays for $28 pp -- I would highly recommend making a reservation. One of my favorite meals ever and the price for the quality of food can't be beat.

            1. Coppelia is really cheap (probably under priced for NYC standards), and you can get away spending less than $30 w/drinks.