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May 2, 2012 12:45 PM

North Georgia BBQ

Heading up to the Blue Ridge, GA, area, but willing to explore the scenery en route to good BBQ. Let's say as far west as Dalton, as far south as Gainesville, as far east as Helen, and northwards would be willing to cross state line into the most southeast part of TN and the most southwest part of NC.

Do be so kind in your recommendations as to tell me what meat is offered/best and if it's dry or wet. If sauce is involved, is it mustard, vinegar, or ketchup based?

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  1. Bub-Ba-Q in Jasper is good.

    Here's their menu so you can see what all they offer:

    They have several different types of sauce - I'm sorry, I don't remember what they all are. I know at least some of them are Memphis-style (tomato-based). I just don't remember if they have any South Carolina-style (mustard-based) or Eastern North Carolina-style (vinegar-based)

    1. Might be a little late, but Sugar's Ribs in Chattanooga is amazingly good.