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May 2, 2012 12:40 PM

Overwhelmed by all the restaurant options in Paris - please help!


I will be in Paris from May 25 - 27 and got some recommendations from friends who dropped serious cash on dinner. I do not mind thier recommendations - but I am having a difficult time imagining finishing a meal that will cost me $700-$100 US and thinking it was worth it. I am looking for 2 nice meals and don't mind dropping $300-$400 including I being unrealistic and should I just go with the recommendations?

La Tour D'Argent
Relais Louis XIII

If not, any recommendations for a steak house and a seafood place would be greatly appreciated. I would love a view, but not willing to drop an additional $100 just because of it. I would also really like to be able to make reservations. I do have a Friday night reservation at Butte en Vigne (I think....I emailed them and they responded about my date, but without a time.) Opinions on that location appreciated as well.

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. There are many, many great restaurants in Paris where you can have a fabulous meal for much less money than a Michelin starred place. Just browse the board here and you'll easily find 20 names. Narrow your choices and ask again.

    1. One tip we've read is to book lunches for your high end meals. Not all restaurants offer lunch, but for those that do, it doesn't sound like you're compromising on quality by choosing a lunch seating, and pricing is much less.

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        Great suggestion to do lunch, Chris VR! AJinLA can have a great meal at a Michelin starred place and save a lot of money.

        I think the poster is obsessing too much on the choice. There are hundreds of places to get a great meal in Paris-- just relax and enjoy. Placing so high an expectation can result in disappointment. Just be sure to come back to Paris soon!

      2. Butte en Vigne? It looks very touristy in a direly touristy area of Montmartre, backed up by equally grim reviews. A very strange choice alongside La Tour D'Argent, l'Astrance, Relais Louis XIII.