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Recommendations near CBS studios?

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  • P3R3 May 2, 2012 12:18 PM
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I am taking a couple friends out to dinner after a show at CBS on fairfax and wondering what would be the best bet for dinner. I am trying to keep it to around $30-40pp, but we could exceed that (no providence or picca :( though ). One of the people in our group is not terribly adventurous though I have taken them to animal before. I was thinking about trying Son of a Gun but I seem to always go to animal every time I'm over there and maybe trying something off the wall different would be cool?

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  1. Son of a Gun would be great. There's also Playa and AOC. I also think that Tasca is a hidden gem.

    1. You could sit in the bar room at Red Medicine.

      1. Ray's at LACMA.

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          Was considering this one, just went there last Saturday though.

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            How was it?

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              It was really really good. Had just a light lunch of the Mussels and Mushroom/Sage flatbread. Those were the best mussels I have ever had!

        2. Angelini Osteria

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            Kinda pricey really.

          2. 3Twenty Wine Lounge on La Brea and Third has very good small plates, a great selection of wines (by the pour or the glass) and a terrific owner (Edgar) who will recommend wines if you'd like. I work near there, and it's my favorite place in the neighborhood.

            1. Canter's!!