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May 2, 2012 11:58 AM

Private Room for 12-14 people for Sunday night dinner

· Sunday dinner, at 6pm

· Will be a conversation, needs to be pretty quiet and a private room is preferable

· Seating needed for 12-14 people

· Price Range: $70-$110/person (including meal, wine, service and taxes)

· Latin American food is preferable, but not adverse to other styles

· Looking for a good atmosphere, but nothing too fancy

· Located in Westside (culver city, santa Monica), Hollywood/Sunset, or Mid-wilshire

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  1. It is not Latin food, but Stephan's L.A. Farm has a very nice private room and would easily come in at your price range. Located on Olympic west of Bundy.

    1. La Serenata di Garibaldi, perhaps.

      Westside Tavern has a nice private room.

      The W Hotel in Westwood may be a fit also.

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      1. re: J.L.

        Vincente Restaurant has a nice private room near the entrance which will seat that number of people. I have hosted a couple of dinners there and they did a great job. It is Italian, not Latin. Food is wonderful and should be within your budget.

      2. Il Moro in West LA has a nice private room that would work. Very good food although not Latin.