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May 2, 2012 11:56 AM

FT MYERS BEACH: here's my laundry list....bagels, pizza, Greek, Chinese take out, thai, Italian, Farmers market

I know that's a long list....we are driving to Ft Myers Beach next week... to go house hunting! I've decided that my new location needs certain accommodations ( all food related, of course) to remain in the running as my future "town that I love to live in"! I MUST have an excellent new york style pizza joint. Consistent & quick for those nights when nothing else will do. I also need real bagels! A little Italian hole in the wall would be a nice bonus. Oh, & a little slice of Greek paradise to break up the monotony. I like my thai restaurants to be a little nicer, I don't know why. Last but not least....a farmers market. This is what I need to be happy & live day to day. (simple, right?) I haven't mentioned fine dining because I don't mind having to drive for that. It's my laundry list of eateries that has to be local. Anybody want to weigh in with their recommendations? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I can't recommend a single place that meets your request that is on Fort Myers Beach. Farmer's Markets are not available this time of year. Too hot for local produce. Our farmer's markets are open from October to late April. You can find good organic produce at the Sandy Butler before your cross the bridge to FMB. There is a greek restaurant in Times Square right in the center of FMB but it is dismal IMHO. Restaurants on FMB do not have to be good as they have a steady business of tourists. You might like the Surf Club. Looks like a bar but the owner takes care with his food.

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      oh, my! That news is a little depressing, LilMsFoodie! How far away are any of these necessities that I mentioned? Do you live in the area? I'll check out the Surf Club when we get there!

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        I live in South Fort Myers. This is not a place for Chinese. Nothing worhwhile nearby for 20 miles or so. PF Changs is the pinnacle around here. I like a little place in Fort Myers that does dim sum called e l chinese.

        I love a place in Bonita called Home Thai and they have a place on Fort Myers Beach called Zushi Zushi. Quite modern looking. I think my favorite sushi guy went to that one.
        doesn't look like they do Thai there however.

        special dinner might be at: Bayfront Bistro, which is on FMB.

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          ok, thanks. I'll def check out Home Thai! If you think of anything else, let me know.

    2. my favorite place to stop in fort myers beach most closely fits "bagels" just because its a breakfast spot. Heavenly Biscuit. The biscuit sandwiches, fruit juices, and cinnamon rolls there are great!

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        Heavenly Biscuit is on my list. Can't wait to try it! Thanks!

      2. My favorite Chinese is just south of Bonita Springs called O'Mei. They have great Peking duck, soup dumplings, and shrimp with lobster sauce. Their noodle dishes are pretty good too. Angelina, in Bonita Springs has terrific Italian. In Ft. Myers, Cru has cutting edge food and is probably the hippest restaurant around. Good things have been written about the Italian at Sassy's in Ft. Myers but I haven't been. On Ft. Myers Beach, the Beached Whale is a fun place for lunch, with a rooftop deck and pretty good fried grouper.

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          Sasse's is always mentioned by the owners nephew or somesuch. It is good but in a deplorable location in the drug dealing area of the city Fort Myers. Why they haven't moved since the hospital that was close by, providing a steady stream of doctors and lots of medical dinners, has closed is beyond me. I know they have a wood oven, but there are plenty of places they could have moved to. They were great when there was nothing else in town.

          Yabo does good Italian, has a funky hard-rock atmosphere and awesome entrees that are different. For instance, asiago filled gnocchi in a gorgonzola cream sauce.

          Two Meatballs in the Kitchen has a very loyal following and is good for traditional Italian. None of these and especially Angelina's is the little red sauce place the person making the query was asking for. The closest hole in the wall place that I imagine he is looking for is near Edison College: Buon Appetito. Very Long Island red sauce place with a respectable pizza although I think Grimaldi's wins the pizza thing hands down.

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            The area of town Sasse's is in isn't that bad, no need to scare people off. Its a bit industrial and working class, but its perfectly safe. I have never eaten there, never even noticed it to be honest, but I take Fowler home from work every so often and I love El Acajutla which is just up the road. I suppose they could do better as far as visibility goes, but it is convenient to 41 and Colonial.

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              Uhh... yeah, it is that bad. There is a reason the parking lot at Sasse's is lit up like a football stadium at night. If you get a table by the window, you can actually watch drug deals going down while you're eating (not kidding).

        2. I'm from NYC. Regarding pizza, the closest you're going to get is Grimaldi's in Bell Tower.

          Edit: I just remembered there's Downtown House of Pizza, which is very NY style. It's located in downtown Fort Myers, therefore not close to FMB.

          For Greek and Italian there is Nomiki's Plakka and Cibo, both of which are located in Bridge Plaza on McGregor. Crave is also in that plaza too.

          If you're ever in the downtown area, I would highly recommend Yanos, located on First street.

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            How would you rate Nomiki's? I've been looking for a very good Greek place. The food at The Athenian in N Forth Myers often has an odd smell to it, and Opa off of Winkler is good, but not great.

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              My wife and I both like Nomiki's a lot. We're both from NY so we've had our share of good Greek places. I think I've tried 3 Greek places here in Fort Myers and Nomikis is by far the best I've found.

              They completely re did the interior last summer so the inside is much nicer than what it was. All the dishes I've gotten from there have been quite good. I personally like the gyro and their grilled ocotopus but you've got to eat it when it's hot and still tender. Usually their side dishes that consist of greens (green beans) usually are quite mushy and over cooked. The owener and the wait staff are very friendly though.

              I've been to the Athenian one time and will never go back there. The gyro, if you can call it that, was disgusting. I think I ate 2 bites and threw the rest out. Oh well, live and learn.