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May 2, 2012 11:31 AM

Broken fridge -- Worcestershire sauce

My fridge broke for a week. It was about 65 degrees in there, and stinky. I tossed almost everything, but there was a very large bottle of Worcestershire that I saved. Can it be used? I need some today. Thanks.

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  1. I don't refrigerate my Worcestershire sauce. I think it should be okay.

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    1. re: tzurriz

      Thanks! Being cheap and lazy, I didn't feel like having to get more.

    2. Lea and Perrins (the brand which must have 95% of the UK market) requires no refrigeration. You'll be fine.

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      1. A chef friend who worked in the L & P development kitchen assured me several years ago
        that their sauce does not need to be refrigerated.

        1. I'll agree with all those that think it should be ok. I don't refridgerate my Worchestshire at all after opening it. That stuff sits in my pantry, unrefridgerated, all the time.

          1. Will be just fine. Worcestershire sauce requires no refrigeration before or after opening.