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May 2, 2012 10:58 AM

40th birthday party at home -- menu suggestions needed!

I'm throwing a 40th birthday party for my husband on the first weekend in June -- he wants to grill burgers and hot dogs, etc. But I think that might be too much work for him and he won't enjoy the party.

Any menu suggestions? So we aren't spending the time cooking and he gets to enjoy himself?


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  1. How about a bouillabaise or gumbo or paella that could be mostly prepped ahead of time? I did a shrimp, sausage & crabmeat gumbo once a day ahead and it was great the next night. Not the least expensive dishes, but a chicken & sausage gumbo wouldn't be too costly.

    1. The first questions I have are how many people will be there? Will there be adults and children? Are you looking for things to make well ahead of time? I'm assuming by your burgers and dogs comment that it will be buffet style? These things will help in deciding what to make.

      1. If he is talking about doing the grilling, then he probably enjoys it. Instead of individual burgers and dogs, get him to do a tri-tip or other large cut, so he can get the bbq mojo going but isn't going to be over the grill all day. Cook it, slice it, and then everyone makes sandwiches.

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          1. Burgers and dogs take less than 10 minutes to cook, and it sounds like his comfort zone, but he'd like to man the grill for the party. Doesn't seem like a time issue, but perhaps that you'd like to make the menu more interesting. Kebabs are great for quick grilling and you can go in so many directions.