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May 2, 2012 10:08 AM

Fall off the bone ribs [split from MSP]

(Note: this post was split from the Minneapolis-St. Paul board at: -- The Chowhound Team)

Want to make fall off the bone ribs cheaper than any restaurant. Get Brisket of Love spice from the Spice House. Add that the night before. Then put it in about 8 hrs before you want to eat at 200 covered in foil. Then add your favorite sauce (if wanted). Throw on grill at high temp or oven at Broil for 5-10 min. Voila. Just as good as most rib places...the bones just pull out. Granted not much smoke flavor but you can buy smoked salt to add some flavor.

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  1. If the bones pull out, your ribs are way overcooked.

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    1. re: BadRabbitAU

      Or cooked improperly. It wasn't until I started getting serious into BBQ that I realized that you actually do not want the meat to fall off.

      1. re: BadRabbitAU

        That was my reaction... overcooked. Unless I'm making pulled pork, I never want it that soft. And no smoke flavor?? Lose lose proposition.

        1. re: BadRabbitAU

          That is a perfectly good waste of ribs. This is not a swipe at the OP, but a more efficient way to mushy fall apart meat with no smoke flavor is to use shoulder (much cheaper) and put it in a crockpot with sauce and let it go for 8+ hrs. Same result.
          Too often, I hear people requesting fall off the bone meat when I make ribs. If the meat is steamed to that point what is the point of eating ribs? Is this a result of brainwashing from the chain restaurant marketing departments that need to justify their ribs that have been sitting on the steam table all day?

        2. Thanks, but I prefer real bbq.