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May 2, 2012 10:34 AM

Alibi Room or other kidless recs

We are getting a babysitter for our toddler (a rare occurrence) and want to go out for our anniversary to someplace that is: 1. Not so fancy, relaxed. 2. Great food, great drinks. 3. Toddler unfriendly (someplace we couldn't go with her along, since we can go to kid friendly places anytime).

We were thinking of trying Alibi. We both love beer.

Opinions? Other recs?

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  1. If you're gonna be in Railtown/Gastown:

    Chambar - (they used to have a "date night" special with babysitting next door in the Cafe Medina space, but I think it's stopped)

    Guu with Garlic


    Bao Bei

    1. Alibi is without compare when it comes to beer in YVR (though St. Augustine's nips at its heels).
      Food is OK - very solid and certainly beer-friendly but I wouldn't say chow-worthy.

      For great Belgian beers and cocktails and excellent food - I 2nd Chambar.

      Maybe start your night of with some taster flights of beer at Alibi then have dinner at Chambar, or L'Abbatoir.

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        Plus one on kinnick's idea of Alibi for "bats" and then L'Abbatoir for dinner -- maybe get a table in the atrium for a bit more of a romantic feel. I haven't loved the food I've had at Alibi and it gets pretty loud (communal tables) but the beer is more than worthy. They are staggering distance apart so you'll only have to take a cab at the end of the evening. Have a wonderful night out sans small :-).