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May 2, 2012 09:42 AM

North End of the 9th?

My husband is leaving tomorrow for Paris to visit a friend who just moved there and to help them settle in a little. I've been following the boards for a while and have tracked down many many recommendations for restaurants, markets, cheese shops, wine shops etc throughout Paris.

But, the north end of the 9th (up towards the 18th - I guess I've always just assumed that was north) seems to be a bit of a food void from my research. If I'm not mistaken, that area was (maybe still is) a "red light district" so maybe there isn't a lot there. (They are near the St. Georges metro stop but that isn't far from Pigalle . . . .)

Anyone know of any "good spots" in that neighborhood? I know once you get down towards Opera or over into the 10th there are several places but . . . . I'm having trouble tracking any down but maybe there aren't any right around there.

Wish I was going!


(They were moving to the 6th but a change of plans - so I'm posting my map of the 6th anyway since I had done that work for them already - and wanted to share in case anyone finds it useful)

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  1. Okay - couldn't get the map to load or convert to a jpg (it was a pdf) so sorry about no map :( It was good too :D

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      trying again - think I fixed it this time.

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        Bistro Lorette

        Cheese shop:

        Anvers, Friday afternoon

        Market street: rue des Martyrs (everyday except Sunday afternoon and Monday)

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            To add to Parigi's good selections, there is Jean on Rue St. Lazare, the only Michelin star in the 9th; much more reasonable is Bourgogne Sud, Carte Blanche, Les Saisons, Casa Olympe and l'Aromatik. Just across the border into the 18th is Le Miroir. Starvation will not be a problem in the St. Georges neighborhood.

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              Thanks so much. They are all added to the new map!

              (the maps which load fine on my iphone just not on the site . . . but that is another thread)


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                "Rue St. Lazare, the only Michelin star in the 9th; much more reasonable is Bourgogne Sud, Carte Blanche, Les Saisons"

                I thought about those and Miroir too, but I thought thimes only wanted northern part of the 9th.

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                  You are probably right; I was going more by proximity to the mentioned St. Georges metro and you and I don't give a minute's thought to walking to any of the ones we mentioned.

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            ugh - so many computer issues today

            alright - it failed - I give up

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              you all are great - thanks for the suggestions

              I am trying one more time to post my "map" - this one is of the 9th and your suggestions.

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                One more try with the map of the 6th (I just can't let the computer win)

                I know they are so hard to read on here anyway . . . but in case someone is combing the boards and looking in the future.

            2. For you all that get to explore Paris an help the rest o us out.

              My husband just texted about a new restaurant in the 9th called Les Rillettes (st Georges metro stop). Apparently very small but he said FABULOUS. Is coming home with a few recipes and a promise that we are going next time we are in Paris.

              Just in case you are looking for something new. Let me know if you've been too.