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May 2, 2012 08:39 AM

How are meals served in your home?

Another thread got me thinking. How are your (evening) meals served in your home? Do you have multiple courses every evening? Do you serve each course by itself or all at once? Do you plate the food in the kitchen and then bring it out or is it family style? Or do you have different styles based on whether it's weekday or weekend?

I do cook from scratch, so every meal is at least somewhat time consuming. Weekdays are very casual, as I don't have time (or the metabolism) to make multiple courses. Weekends are different, but we still don't have multiple courses, formal dinners every weekend even. But during the week, it's a single "course" that includes salad, served all at once. We almost never eat dessert, even on weekends.

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  1. Most evenings it's just my man and I, so we generally eat at the kitchen counter. Multiple courses? Hahahaha, that's funny. We don't do dessert, so that one's out, and if I make a salad, it's all served together. Most meals consist of fish or meat + vegetables + salad.

    When we have dinner guests, I may serve the appetizer at the kitchen counter -- often it's a la minute items like calamari -- it's easier that way & we're a fairly casual bunch, and the main at the dining room table. If/when there is dessert, it's served separately (no duh) afterwards, with dessert plates.

    1. it's never the same.
      hubby and I eat at coffee table.
      hubby and I eat at long bar.
      in back yard on old Italian thick wood table with its dual benches.
      front porch under flag pole.
      usually little ones aren't home for din but if they are, add to above.
      salad on a plate or in bowl. dinner all on a plate.
      if I braised beans all day, they go in their own small cup, fresh bread on a small plate.

      1. I'm on my own for most meals, so I plate in the kitchen and sit on the couch to eat. When I have people over to eat, I tend to serve family style or set up a buffet. My kitchen isn't really large enough to accommodate plating in the kitchen. The only hint of a multi-course meal is having dessert after the dinner plates are cleared.

        Growing up, all of our meals family style (and we had breakfast and dinner as a family every day, plus lunch on weekends). Holiday/extended family meals are still served family style, but my parents plate meals in the kitchen when I'm visiting and it's just the 3 of us.

        1. Most of the time there's just the two of us and we have an eat in kitchen. Often we have a first course, yesterday it was artichokes, so we'll sit down and eat that. Then one of us will begin making the main course while the other prepares a salad--which is tossed in a salad bowl with garlic toast at the table when there's a break in the cooking. When the main course is ready it comes to the table if it was baked in a serving dish or plates are served at the stove if it's something like meat and potatoes. Dessert is a rarity without company, we usually just have a small square of dark chocolate. With company, we usually have an antipasto on the kitchen counter and serve courses at the outside table or the dining table at the end of the living room.

          1. Just the husband and me. We eat at the table adjacent to the kitchen (what some people would call a breakfast nook). We each serve ourselves from the counter in the kitchen and everything is served at the same time.

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              Same thing here. Even when we are entertaining, it is a serve yourself and sit thing as our gatherings are totally casual. I'll serve several apps at once and let everyone work on them. When dinner is ready, it is all laid out on the kitchen table and people can serve themselves what they want.

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                Same for us. We fill our plates then sit down. If I'm feeling fancy I'll set the table instead of just grabbing a knife & fork from the drawer on my way to the table. :-)