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May 2, 2012 08:32 AM


Does anyone know where can I get some Pulque in Austin? I've read about it, it is a very interesting and supposedly sacred drink of Mexico.

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  1. Not sure where you would get it here. I had it in Mexico and it is interesting. It wasn't bad by any means, but I can see it being an acquired taste mostly due to the texture. Your best bet might be to make your own?

    1. I have seen it in bottles at La Michoacana Meat Market on E 7th, and I wouldn't be surprised if Fiesta sells it. Definitely an acquired taste, btw.

      1. Wiggy's used to have a canned version. Not too bad but I think it was pasteurized which probably changed it. I've been told there is a local-owned convenience store on South First that has the real deal but you know how these urban legends are. A fellow from Mexico told me the best way to drink it is just to drink it all down at once. When I asked him what it was like he said it was nasty!

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          I have seen a commercially bottled version called Pulque La Lucha at Specs before. Probably the same thing. No idea if they still carry it, or how authentic it is.

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            That could only be the quickie mart where the El Flor(?) taco truck sits. It's pretty much the only non-chain convenience store on South First. Just north of Stassney in the "gully' as I call it. Second bet would be at Eberhadrt and First - also staffed by Mexicans but a little more mainstream than the former. Have never seen it at mexican grocers but I know not to look at the beer section at those stores.

            If anybody finds it I'd be interesting in hearing about it. And what it's alcohol content is :-) (gotta make it worth my while!)