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May 2, 2012 08:27 AM

Lunch Dinner in Tuscany while husband holds the bags

My wife and I are headed to Florence in a week or so on a business/pleasure trip. We will be spending the first 3 night s in Florence and we are committed. I know On Sunday my wife will want to go the Prada-Gucci outlets were I'll be driving and carrying her bags (it's all good). Does anybody know if the outlets are open on Sunday, what time they open and where can we get a great Sunday lunch nearby. After that we are staying in a fancy schamncy hotel outside Montalcino can anybody give some good does (not have to be fancy-schamnacy) local mom and pop or fancy places to eat in that area. We will use Montalcino as a base and travel throughout Tuscany, I'm a good wheel man so it does not bother me. Thanks everybody

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  1. Prada Space) and Gucci have two different locations, off the autostrada SE of Florence. Gucci is at The Mall, and Prada is near Montevarchi.

    Open Sunday and likely to be jammed.

    You cannot conveniently see all of Tuscany from a base at Montalcino.

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      There is a Prada store at The Mall... it opened over a year ago. Not sure where to eat around there. In Montalcino, there is Osteria Osticchio and Taverna Grappa Blu, neither of which I have been to but are recommended by others on this site. Last year we ate outside at Il Leccio in Sant' Angelo en Colle, which had respectable food and a beautiful setting on an outdoor terrace.