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May 2, 2012 07:43 AM

Mid Cape dining

A Group of nine of us are visiting the Cape. Looking for a great restaurant mid cape that will have a round table. We're looking for a great place more than a cuisine, figure top $75 pp

Sea food
New American

All suggestions appreciated.

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  1. No question, Ocean House in Dennisport. I have reserved an 8 top round several times (they can accommodate 9 I am sure) . It is located in the upper dining area and is quite comfy. I love the food. There is a 3 course menu for 29.00 that is a killer deal. The menu is creative and the presentation flawless. There is valet service and splendid views. I am at OH at least once a month in fact head there for my girls annual reunion Friday night. You will be very happy with this choice.

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