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May 2, 2012 06:48 AM

Girl and the Goat Questions

Having snagged a reservation at GatG, I am wondering if there are any "don't miss" dishes or to just order what sounds good. Also, what is an appropriate amount to order for my wife and me?

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  1. 4-5 items including dessert is a good amount of food. Some items are very large. Your server can help.

    Don't miss:
    Shishito peppers with parmesan and miso
    Confit goat belly with bourbon butter and lobster
    Sugo with pappardelle
    Wood fired pig's face with tamarind and runny egg
    Smoked goat rillette empanadas with marinated goat feta

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    1. re: kathryn

      I second the pig face, make sure you take all the ingredients and mix them together well - sounds weird but trust me. The smoked oysters were also insanely good.

      I had the empanadas and wasn't blown away (not sure if prep was the same when I went). I didn't try the other dishes listed by Kathryn - I'll have to add those to my list for next time I go!!

    2. The waitperson we had was great with guiding us through the menu and ordering appropriately.

      The menu is seasonal and changes fairly frequently so you may have to fend for yourself.

      The shishito peppers and the wood-wired pigs face (no, it's not a whole pig's face!) are both great. We had the shishito peppers as part of a vegetable that was was outstanding. The lamb tarar with English pea tapanade was also amazing if it's still on the menu.


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      1. re: chicgail

        Great tips! I'm going Monday! Thanks!

        1. re: manomin

          Just ate there again last Thursday and need to add the escargot ravioli to the list. The menu does change often but I'm thinking with the only a few days in between it should be similar to my visit.

          Also, the oysters I mentioned previously are actually called wood fired oysters.

      2. I just went yesterday with friends and ordered quite a bit. Although everything was great, my 'dont miss' (aka; what i would order again) dishes would be:
        goat cheese cake*
        roasted pig face*
        diver scallops*
        shishito peppers*
        This is the rest of our order....
        skuna bay salmon
        kohirabi salad
        cheese tortellini
        ham frites
        hiramasa crudo
        confit goat belly
        chocolate cake
        Again, everything was great but the above *ones were my stand-outs.

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        1. re: jonasty75

          Our most memorable dishes from last summer, with only a quick glance at the current menu for a refresher, were the ham frites,the goat belly, the green beans, and the cauliflower. Pig Face qualifies as their "don't miss" dish to get on the first visit, and we did enjoy it. We were glad we ordered a bread, and later in the meal, when we were still hungry (there were four of us) a flatbread, and were pleased with the execution at the time, but can't remember the details of either. The only dish I remember even an inkling of disappointment was oysters with horseradish and bacon; they were quite tasty, but the order came with four, and one oyster each is just never a fulfilling experience. Enjoy!