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May 2, 2012 04:25 AM

Red Bank Flavour Festival ~ May 6th?

If it is a nice day, we were thinking about checking this out. Has anyone been to it before?

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  1. Get there early enough to visit the Farmer's Market at the Galleria. It's the first one of the season, so there might not be as much there as later, but it's always worth at least a walk through.

    1. With the Festival 'sited' at the White St. Parking lot, you're left to fend for on street parking and from past experiences (relayed to me from others) is that it is a 'jam scene'.

      Should be nice weather though. Though I agree with Kick as to just stopping into the Farmer's Market (it's been a long winter, regardless of it being mild with fresh local produce) whatever it may be is always a welcomed opp.

      1. I just got back...can't say that I recommend this event which seemed more about drinking than about interesting food. Many of the stands had combos like...Korean Tacos, Deep Fried didn't inspire confidence that they were any more than standard street fair food stalls. I was hungry and opted for Lamb and White Bean Stew from Bienvenue French Restaurant which was pretty good. Still, I would never go back. The music was loud and rough.

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        1. re: taste test

          Lol. I had just the opposite reaction.

          I also liked the beans and lamb, but I loved the korean tacos and also the scallop sliders and a lobster roll or two. I also really liked the music and the laid back vibe of the place.

          I parked by North of the Border and got some take home things from there and also from the Cheese Cave. Nice, nice day. I am looking forward to going on one of the foodie walks this summer through Red Bank.

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            Always enjoy Red Bank events like this one and the Fall Oyster Festival. For some reason I always find parking in the back streets behind the Count Basie or right on Front St. by Riverside Garden Park.

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              Oh, that's funny. Different strokes I guess.

          2. I went today and stayed from 2-7pm. Parking was very easy for me - parked right across the street. The food was excellent...I tried Thai Iced Tea, Chocolate Covered Bacon (which was probably my fave!), Cupcakes, Pico Hot Dog, Lobster Roll, Pork Fried Rice, etc. I loved the vibe, the music, everything! And the dogs - since I'm a dog lover and they were everywhere! I will definitely go back next year!

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            1. re: melissa2287

              Great reviews! I am th OP, but we did not go. My daughter was not quite herself....a little runny nose, so I knew it would not be a good day. I am excited to try the farmers market. I am looking for some fresh radishes and asparagus!!!

              1. re: Angelina

                Interesting parking dynamic. A dear friend of mind had an 'interview' (he's a musician and a 'local') with a meeting scheduled at Starbucks (which is on the corner of Monmouth and Broad). He had to park 11 blocks away (near the Y), and this is a guy who when we go to the Basie finds parking that's proximous to the theater even as we arrive just about show time (for spring and summer evenings) and RB gets truly jammed.

                You 'take away' the MAIN lot in RB, I have a hard time believing that it was a 'snap' for anyone - maybe for folks coming in form LS/R & FH who came up Front and park near the hospital etc. which is not where the 'crush' of incoming traffic is coming from.

                From the looks of the event (taste test), I don't know that I missed much - glad that all enjoyed. Once that sun peeked out yesterday, RB was the last place in my thoughts as to how to finish up the weekend down here.

              2. re: melissa2287

                When you say "dogs" I guess you mean hot dogs.

                We learned the hard way that dogs were NOT welcome at this parking lot event.

                Nowhere on the website or printed materials for this event does it mention that you may not bring your dog. We drove down from northern NJ with our dog and were turned away at the entrance. The volunteers would not allow us to speak to anybody running the event. Apparently, it is a Red Bank law restricting animals from being anywhere near where food is prepared and/or served. Apparently, the birds and squirrels all were ticketed by the police.

                The promoters of this event should have made this much clearer on their website since I have found this not to be the norm for such events.