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May 2, 2012 04:08 AM

Euro market that has Swiss-French sausage?

Anyone know of a Massachusetts European market that sells Swiss-French sausage? I've got a hankering for some saucisson vaudois.... Thanks

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  1. these guys sell locally. email and ask where to purchase

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    1. re: Locutus

      Thanks! I had found them on the web before I posted to Chowhound, did not think to ask for local retailers.

    2. In Allston a number of Rusian markets claim to have European gourmet items. I have not done a thorough enough shopping at the one on corner of Comm and Harvard (next to Tedeschi's) to know if they are "Pan-European" or just Russian/Baltic.

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        That one is Berezka; the other one in Allston is Bazaar, on Cambridge Street between Union Square and Harvard Avenue. There's also another branch of Bazaar in Brookline, on Beacon Street a few blocks west of Coolidge Corner, and Baza in Newton, which I've never visited. The Bazaars and Berezka are in fact primarily Russian; although they carry some wonderful sausages they do run mostly to the Russian & Hungarian varieties. I doubt you would find anything Swiss-French there.

        You might get in touch with the folks at Swissbakers and see if they can point you towards a local source.

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          I went to Swissbakers today, on my way home from Karl's Sausage Kitchen. The owner told me Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge for air-dried meat.

      2. You might try Euroguild in Walpole or Karl's Sausage in Saugus. Both carry Swiss products and should be able to help....

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          thank you! I knew about Karl's, not about Euroguild, will definitely call them.

        2. Just got back from Karl's Sausage Kitchen, what a fabulous place. Stocked up on sausages and cured meat. No saucisson vaudois, but picked up what I hope will be a reasonable subsitute. Thanks, everyone, for your help!

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          1. re: ksb2012

            ksb2012, if you want saucisson vaudois I will be happy to bring some back for you when I come home for a visit to Boston in July. I live in Lausanne now. Just let me know the exact type you like. I can bring dried ones in. At least I have in the past.

            1. re: beaupeep

              Wow, thank you, beaupeep!! How very kind of you to offer, I know how precious luggage space is! My husband travels to Europe with some frequency, and he has promised to bring some back on his next trip. Thank you anyway!
              How long have you lived in Lausanne, if you don't mind the question? We lived in St-Legier (just above Vevey) during 2010, only for 1 year.

              1. re: ksb2012

                I've been here 13 years and always go back to the US with a really big suitcase which I then fill up with gym clothes and all the other things that cost so much over here (and bring back double stuff Oreos for my office. I love it here I have to say!