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Tired of the Same Old Westchester Saturday Night

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Any interesting new Westchester ideas for Saturday night? This is dinner for two, mid-Westchester, no more than @100.00 with drinks. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. You might like to try graces on central avenue near white plains.Very good food nice drink list
    Fairly new so service is a little too attentive.Price reasonably for fresh high quality food.

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      I am going there on Saturday night, will report back.

      Scardsdalesurprise, where do you usually go?

    2. We really enjoy Route 100 on Central Ave in Yonkers. We usually get pasta or steak, but I've had the fish special a few times and everything has always been very good.

      1. Have you considered venturing north of mid-Westchester? There are many wonderful options if you'll expand your geography a bit.

        Also, do you consider Port Chester to be mid-Westchester? How about starting with Inca and Gaucho? Peruvian/Argentinian food, definitely in your price restrictions.