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May 2, 2012 03:02 AM

Foodie Jobs in Delhi

I'm hoping to embark on a very ambitious journey to work 52 food based jobs in the space of a year in 2013. Although things are progressing nicely and I have several fantastic jobs lined up, I am still struggling a little on jobs/experiences in Delhi for Feb 2013. It can be anything food or drink based and for any period of time from a few hours to a whole week. As I've never visited India I'm feeling a little lost at present and would appreciate any advice anyone could offer. Alex

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  1. I can't make a specific location recommendation (despite having in-laws in delhi) but i had an experience this summer that would definitely have qualified (albeit in southern india) and may provide some inspiration. Many religious institutions in India regularly provide meals to devotees, pilgrims, passersby. I was staying at what would probably look to a westerner like a cult in Tamil Nadu and we were encouraged to help out in various capacities, including working in the temple kitchens (which produced between 5 and 25 thousand meals a day). They had a regular crew but were also fairly used to accomodating volunteers, some of the tasks were fun or comical (stripping curryleaves off of bundles the size of trees) some were more onerous (chopping cabbage with something that barely qualified as a knife on a 4x4 of a "cutting board" while sitting cross-legged on the floor).

    long story short - if youre not terribly picky about the type of experience you get, dont mind some subtle, or not so subtle, religious pressure, you should be able to find a temple of some kind with a kitchen who would be happy to have you.

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      Thanks tex.s.toast. I have been doing some research into the above and have found numerous examples of a Langar where it is possible to volunteer. Feeding 10,000 people is certainly an experience I won't forget in a hurry!

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        yeah, it was quite an experience, seeing them stirring vats of sambar with spoons the size of oars, the workers taking curry leaves off of full sized shrubs (bundles upon bundles of them). my knife skills were also apparently enough for me to earn some credibility with the staff (despite less than ideal impliments).

    2. Interesting plan - 1 job per week. Are you writing a book about this?

      In India, the 2 largest hotel chains with the most emphasis on their F&B arm are the Taj and the Oberoi (ITC is a thrid option). You can start by writing to them.

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        Thanks Klyeoh, I have send a few emails so fingers crossed.

      2. There is a large Sikh temple in the central Delhi that serves meals daily. Do not remember the name but won't be difficult to find out.

        1. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib has a langar tradition and that's probably the place herby mentions. The 5 star hotel chains usually have a proper training regime and are a bit picky about allowing people into their kitchens.

          Though you can't do this unless you are in the city, you can offer to work with a chaatwala/halwai/street food hawker and get experienced in the highly-skilled task of creating a wonderful gastronomic delight. Most of these folks are simple, honest people, and if you tell them what exactly you are doing, they will definitely be ready to help out. Make sure you get to help in the all the behind-the-scenes activity as well since that's where you'll learn the most,

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            Yes, it is - thank you for supplying the name, Altan! I think one will learn more about preparing meals in a Gurudwara kitchen than from a wala who usually will make limited number of items. A dhaba would be a great place too and there are a few good ones just outside Delhi.