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May 1, 2012 10:04 PM

Bar Pintxo: A Photographic Essay

Verdict: A cubbyhole of a place serving legit tapas & an excellent squid ink paella. Sardines, morcilla, croquetas, & tortilla de patatas were big winners. Desserts were so-so (although the rhubarb crumble, though not crumbly, was tasty). Definitely coming back.

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  1. Brilliant spread of food photography. Your limiting of the depth of field has created some truly superb effects. Another great selection of photos, J.L.

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    1. re: Tripeler

      Um, thank you? :-)

      I actually forgot to bring my macro lens (again), so I ended up having to use the 50mm lens.

      But your kind words are always appreciated.

    2. How many of you were there?

      Some really smart small-plates chef or owner is going to get very popular and wealthy by adjusting the portion size and price to fit the number at the table. For example, why three croquettes in an order? A couple has to split the last one or discuss who will eat it; a foursome is one croquette short.

      Offer a serving of two, three or four, with price adjusted accordingly. Easier eating, no dividing, none left over.

      Wait -- gonna see if I can patent this idea.....

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      1. re: nosh

        There were five of us. I'll let you derive the mathematic permutations.

      2. I go there quite often. Last time I tried the Churros dessert you have pictured above and became an instant fan. But what I love most at Bar Pintxo is the one item you seem to have missed: the calamari. Sauteed in lemon, garlic and oil, it's one of the tastiest LA dishes I've found!

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        1. re: bopdd

          Like I said, I must go back. :-)

          1. re: J.L.

            How much are they getting for the squid ink paella these days? (And on a side note, it's a shame that the CH photo attachment device doesn't allow you to add comments to each shot. That would make this tool so much more useful.)

            1. re: Servorg

              Happy hour at Bar Pinxto is a bargain from 4 to 6. We were there at 4:15 and again had the 6 Pintxos for $6.00. It was the same selection as previously, but still delicious and a tremendous bargain.

              1. Tuna Concerve, Anchovie, Cornichon
              2. Mejillones Escabeche (mussel and roasted red pepper)
              3. Serrano Jamon, Monchego cheese, fresh tomato
              4. Huevos Rellenos con Vinagreta Vasca (deviled egg with Basque Vinaigrette)
              5. Mushroom Escabeche (house conserved mushrooms, 25 year old sherry vinegar, truffle salt
              6. Chorizo Bilbao, Cherry tomato

              Empanadillas filled with chorizo and caramelized onions

              Seared Calamari with garlic, lemon, parsley, olive oil – a slightly different preparation than the last time, but a must order!

              This is a split order so it doesn’t show Bar Pintxo’s plating – Duck breast, catedral lentils with Bilbao chorizo and smoked bacon – delicious

              Bar Pinxto is a fun place for a late lunch/early dinner that is definitely a bargain.

              Pics here: