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May 1, 2012 09:53 PM

question about Arco Iris

I was looking for a restaurant which is within 20min. of Tampa airport (for dinner). Is Arco Iris in a safe neighborhood? We don't want to drive into a bad area. If this is not a good option, are there any other kid-friendly places which you would recommend for Cuban food? I am looking for a place which has half decent bathrooms and such.

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  1. the neighborhood is fine and the restaurant isn't too run down. enjoy.

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    1. re: andy huse

      Which dishes are good at the restaurant? What do you recommend?

      1. re: shorty68

        i haven't had anything bad. check out the special board. think blue plate specials. boliche. fried chicken. steak milanesa. ropa vieja. salteado. carne con papas. that kind of thing. they also do a good Cuban fried rice. The fried yucca is good, but a little over the top. i like having a choice of sides. i love the bean soups (spanish bean, caldo gallego) and red beans, which can serve as a meal with some toasted Cuban bread. simple, cheap, and satisfying.

        1. re: andy huse

          Although the food seems to be just a tad better at the Columbus restaurant (at least in my opinion), Arco Iris has another location on Tampa Bay Blvd that is a little more modern and since you mentioned decent bathrooms, may be more to your liking. The location is east of Habana on the north side of TBBlvd.