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May 1, 2012 09:34 PM

Where to eat near Rubin Museum?

The Rubin Museaum is located at 150 West 17th Street. We'll be attending one of the exhibits with friends from out of town - the only out of question option is Italian. Anyone have a clue what's really good food for a lunch within walking distance of the exhibit?

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  1. Aldea, on 17th, b/t 5th & 6th, Monday - Friday.

    Tocqueville, on 15th, b/t Union Sq. W. & 5th (closer to 5th), Monday - Saturday.

    Union Square Cafe, on 16th, b/t Union Sq. W. & 5th. Lunch, Monday - Friday; Brunch, Sat. & Sun.

    1. What about the museum cafe? I read in the NYtimes recently that it's run by Starr Group. Must be pretty good.

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        Thanks - I guess I could have spent time looking up restaurants, but recommendations are always better when they come from Chowhound.. Thanks!

        Caturday: I had heard it was good, but a recent blog by Rozanne Gold (of 1-2-3 Cookbook fame) said it isn't what it used to be, so I think I'll opt out on this one.

        small h: I'd forgotten about Legend, have to give it another go.

        Toot: Haven't tried El Cocotero yet, so thanks for the recommendation, I've e-mailed all the recommendations to our friends and they can make the final, although for me it's Union Square recommended by RGR or El Cocotero.

        1. re: bkiley

          I think many people tend to forget or dismiss USC because it's been around so long. But we've found that the food these days is really delicious. The ambiance is very pleasant, and you certainly can't beat the wonderful Danny Meyer-style service.

      2. Legend is two blocks away, very good Sichuan food.

        1. El Cocotero is a Venezuelan place on 18th Street, it is very casual but pleasant. I went there a couple of times (both times after the Rubin) and enjoyed the food. Venezuelan food is not so common in NYC so it's an opportunity to try something different. You can check the menu in