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Chinese banquets in NJ?

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Does anyone have any experience with Chinese banquets in NJ? Who's got the best one? I'm talking about something like this:


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  1. I have been to multiple wedding banquets (including my own) in Sunny Palace. IMHO, they are the best in doing that in Central NJ.
    I have also been to a few banquets (not weddings) in Crown Palace in Marlboro. CP ranges from average to truly awful.

    Also went to one in North Jersey once a long time ago but I don't remember the name of the restaurant. It was average anyway.

    I believe Royal in Avenel (formerly 1-9 seafood) and Wonder Seafood in Edison also do banquet. I would have confidence in those places churning out quality banquet dishes. However, I don't think they host a lot of banquets due to their locations and their size.

    1. Lotus Cafe in Hackensack does them. I went to one 5+ years ago and it was excellent.

      I am pretty sure Dim Sum Dynasty in Ridgewood does them too!

      1. We had a banquet at Wonder Seafood. It was wonderful! Tom is the manager and he is very helpful and accommodating. Food was excellent and all our guests really enjoyed the experience.

        1. I think West Lake Seafood Restaurant does it, too. I remember seeing the decorations for it there.

            1. I've been to weddings, funerals, birthdays, and graduations at Royal, Wonder Seafood, King's Chef, and Sunny Palace. IMHO, at least in the Edison area, Royal and Wonder Seafood are the best, but Wonder is smaller. King's Chef in Woodbridge and Sunny Palace are both bigger and have bars though, but I don't think the food is quite as good as the others. All have comparable service (King's Chef also does sushi, which none of the others do).

              Royal and Wonder Seafood have more variety of interesting dishes whereas King's Chef and Sunny Palace are slightly more mainstream.