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May 1, 2012 09:04 PM

Chinese banquets in NJ?

Does anyone have any experience with Chinese banquets in NJ? Who's got the best one? I'm talking about something like this:

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  1. I have been to multiple wedding banquets (including my own) in Sunny Palace. IMHO, they are the best in doing that in Central NJ.
    I have also been to a few banquets (not weddings) in Crown Palace in Marlboro. CP ranges from average to truly awful.

    Also went to one in North Jersey once a long time ago but I don't remember the name of the restaurant. It was average anyway.

    I believe Royal in Avenel (formerly 1-9 seafood) and Wonder Seafood in Edison also do banquet. I would have confidence in those places churning out quality banquet dishes. However, I don't think they host a lot of banquets due to their locations and their size.

    1. Lotus Cafe in Hackensack does them. I went to one 5+ years ago and it was excellent.

      I am pretty sure Dim Sum Dynasty in Ridgewood does them too!

      1. We had a banquet at Wonder Seafood. It was wonderful! Tom is the manager and he is very helpful and accommodating. Food was excellent and all our guests really enjoyed the experience.

        1. I think West Lake Seafood Restaurant does it, too. I remember seeing the decorations for it there.