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May 1, 2012 09:03 PM

Folsom: Sutter Street Updates (huge news!)

Bistro La Petite , formerly in Granite Bay has moved to Sutter Street in the restaurant half of The old gaslight building, upstairs.. (The other half is occupied by Lockdown brewery).

They are opening on Thursday May 3rd and this is huge. Easily the best dining on the street ever. If they are anything like the Granite Bay location, this will be a destination for dining. Seriously incredible food. And the building, with a patio that overlooks Sutter street will be amazing too.....

Also the person running the restaurant in the Folsom Hotel is doing some good thing with grub food. Looks like they might finally have a stable operator there.

Lockdown Brewing has no food just house brewed beers and live music.

Peter Yagers is no more. Again.

The Steakhouse is amazing. High quality steak house fare without the Ruth's Chris?Mortons price line. Really great happy hour too, the sliders are amazing.

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  1. Good to know! We get there once in awhile.

    1. And Old Europe is closed. New owners are the guy (Dylan) who runs Sam Horne's tavern. I believe it is going to be an Irish or English pub. Not sure.