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May 1, 2012 09:02 PM

Where can I find Boston's best and freshest fried haddock plate?

Where in the Boston area can I find a descent fried haddock dinner. This is Boston and there should be an abundance of seafood shacks and restaurants around but you really have to travel to the Cape or north of the city to find the best fresh seafood. Legal, Neptune and Jaspers are way too expensive. A neighborhood place with good seafood like the Red Wing in Walpole but closer to Boston is what I am looking for.

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  1. Celebrity Pizza in Watertown on Mt Auburn across from Tufts
    Mikes Roast Beef in Everett Rt 99 between 16/99 and the sully square rotaries

    1. Haddad's Marshfield (Brant Rock)

      1. My go to is Burkes Seafood on Billings Rd in Quincy. It's nothing fancy, they have the fish market on one side and a small dining room on the other. They also serve beer and wine, and there is parking in the back. I absolutely love their fried haddock.

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          You got it right Peg. Burkes is really, really good, and really, really fresh. It's also not a far walk from the red line in North Quincy.

        2. The Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale. Like the Red Wing, with pizza.

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            Second The Pleasant, their seafood offerings are outstanding, the clams are some of my favorite in the city, and can hold their own against any of the North Shore clam shacks

          2. My husband recently had a terrific fried haddock plate at Bob Lobster, which is on the road to Plum Island. My lobster roll was also very good, and well-priced at $10.49 as a daily special.