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PVD/RI * May '12 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Did I forget an April one? Possibly... No worries, but put any new opening, closing, or coming soon news here!

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  1. Edwards has opened on Charles Street in North Providence. It replaces the recently closed Encore. I've yet to try Edwards and can find nothing on the internet.

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      I found a Facebook page yesterday:


      Wow, what a surprise ... yet ANOTHER basic Italian restaurant with the same dishes everybody else in Rhode Island serves. There's another right down the street ... Il Fornello. We're not originally from New England so I guess we just don't get it. Doesn't anybody here ever get tired of this same stuff? Really? The former owner tried so hard to broaden the menu. It's sad that it didn't work. Yep, bring on another Chicken Parm.

      We'll be passing on Edward's.

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        I feel your pain, Dave. However, I felt the former owner failed in his attempt to make make a kind of Italian fusion menu. Most dishes I had were just strange or slightly off. So although I would have prefered something interesting here, being nearbye I will visit now and again if they do their dishes well at reasonable prices with a good atmosphere. We shall see.

    2. Classic Cafe on Pawtucket Ave (near Gold's Gym) has closed. They were a serviceable diner with good diner food, run by a charming family. Not exactly a chowhound destination, but beloved to me after years of friendly work lunches there.

      Anyone want to open a humble but fantastic sandwich shop there, please? With good coffee?

      1. I noticed that City LIne Pizza, on North Main Street at the Pawtucket border, has an "opening soon under new management" sign up. Here's hoping "new management" knows how to make good pizza.

        1. A "Quickly" appears to be going in to the spot on Dorrance and Westminster where Tim Horton's used to be.

          1. Eggroll cafe is opening on Airport Road in Warwick next Tuesday. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eggrol...

            1. Providence Coal Fired Pizza has opened on Westminster St. downtown. Anyone checked it out?

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                Answering my own question...

                My husband and I went on Friday night. We arrived around 7:30 and were seated immediately - tables were at least half-empty.

                We both found the food to be tasty, but overpriced. The coal fired wings are nicely seasoned (with rosemary), crispy, and topped with grilled onions, but I found $12 for six fairly standard size wings to be a bit much. We also split the white clam pizza. I found the crust to be very good, crisp on the bottom and a bit chewy in the middle and the pizza to be well seasoned. However, again, I found the price a bit high given the portion size - $18 for essentially a small pizza (they only have one size). While initially I attributed the price to the clams, a second glance at the menu indicated that most pizzas are similarly priced.

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                  We TRIED to go there for lunch yesterday after church, but despite the hours posted on the website and the door (open every day, including Sunday, at 11:30), the restaurant was not open at 11:40.

                  We probably won't go back.

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                    I would agree on the pricing. We shared the 18$ sausage pizza. I liked the crust but it needed some salt. On a side note the bartender was the former owner of Downcity. Is she involved in ownership?

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                    I have been and its about as close to great NY Coal Fired Pizza. It just opened a short while ago but its on a one way street it will take a little time to check around the city for it. Place is neat, clean food nicely prepared, pizza is charred on the bottom because of the high heat oven runs about 600 plus not overbearing with tons of cheese and some red stuff and oily pepperoni. I have an oven just like they do in my school kitchen and keep the same high temp but the coal does burn hotter. Its comfortable eating there but they are closed on Sundays because cities all over the country have very few restaurants open Sundays.

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                      If they're closed on Sundays, that's fine, but their website AND hours posted on the front door should reflect that. Makes me wonder what else they're sloppy about.

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                        I was in the kitchen Its impecable.

                  3. Work being done on the old Edge coffee house in Wayland Square. Sign outside says "Teas & Java" so I assuming it is another coffee house.

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                      Seventh hand rumor says that the Alex & Ani folks are behind this, but take that rumor with a grain of salt. A pretty extensive redo of the facade is being done. Maybe floor to ceiling doors or glass? That might address my biggest complaint about that space (a tad enclosed feeling, with not enough light).

                    2. I'm not sure I saw it anywhere else, but I saw a Providence Monthly review of Adesso, which I wasn't aware was open yet, on Federal Hill. Has anyone been?

                      1. Drove by The Custom House last night and the windows while still papered over have signs up that say 52 restaurant & lounge coming soon. One of the owners has a dj / nightlife promotion business...I have a feeling it will be a dinner til 10 then turn into a nightclub type of place. Not sure of the projected opening date

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                          Sorry meant to post this on the June thread!

                        2. Just what is needed another make believe Etialian restaurant.