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May 1, 2012 07:52 PM

Blue Bird Cafe, on National, in Culver City? What happened to it?

This is the tiny joint that doled out great cupcakes eons before the whole cupcake craze started...

When I called them uup the line was discontinued...

And the storefront seemed empty?

Maybe it was all the construction of the light-right expo line that caused it's downfall ???

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  1. Lack of parking during construction, not enough of a destination to support anything more than a lunch crowd, etc (all conjecture). same went for The Point down the block

    Theres a sign on it saying a new cafe is opening in May. No idea if totally new ownership or not.

    1. I read that Royal T in the same neighborhood is also closing. Too bad - now that the Expo Line is finally running, it might have brought these businesses more traffic.