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May 1, 2012 07:32 PM

Best child friendly dinner?

I'll be in sf in a couple of weeks. I have reservations at Zunni, Slanted Door and delfina I am also trying to get a seat at Frances. My husband and daughter will join me for one night, and I am looking for a place to have dinner with them. Hopefully not too far from Union Square, but delicious so my hubbie won't hate me for what I will eat before. Naturally Mexican seems like the obvious choice! But any suggestions for something a bit more special but where we can bring our 4 year old would be great.

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  1. I don't have kids, but I think most restaurants in SF are child-friendly (depending on the child, of course). If you make your reservation for an early-ish seating, I cannot imagine you'd have a problem most anywhere.

    What do you mean by "a bit more special"? Are you speaking of food or atmosphere/fancy-factor?

    Off the top of my head, I would look at Canteen--booths, which would be good with a child--and Perbacco. But I don't eat downtown or near Union Square too often. I'm sure others will have many more suggestions.

    Have a delicious visit.

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      I meant food wise. With kids I find often the less formal the better. But something more unique than a taqueria would be appreciated by my hubby for how only meal in town ( no that we don't love a good taco!)

    2. Kokkari is great and again probably an earlier seating would be better and not too far from Union Sq . Or maybe take the cable car(s), depending on how much you walk, to the tonga room, that could be fun for a kiddie virgin cocktail and dinner or walk up to the big 4 in the Huntington hotel and eat there, that would be an action packed SF night.

      1. Cafe Claude is very nice, but casual. Very near Union Sq. I've taken my child there successfully, for an early dinner.

        1. Nopalito might work for good Mexican. Pauline's Pizza is kid-friendly and made with homemade vegetables and such.

          When you say "kid-friendly," do you mean a place where your child will like the food, or a place where you won't be scoffed at by other patrons for bringing children? I mean there are a lot of places in SF that have excellent food that won't repel children, but where a child might be out of place, at least on weekends.

          1. Perbacco has great food in a lively atmosphere and you can take children there on the early side. Slanted door has good food, bustling atmosphere & could be fun for kids as it is located in the Ferry Bldg...can see boats, bridge, etc.