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May 1, 2012 07:30 PM

Limoux France

Hi there:

I'm heading to the Limoux for two weeks in July.

Any suggestions on local seasonal food I should be on the look out for?

I'm open to any thoughts on places to eat at too.

I haven't had much luck narrowing down any ideas...Limoux doesn't seem to be on the google radar.

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  1. Six years ago I spent a few days in neighboring St Hilaire and visited Limoux to see the Carnival celebrations. Here's my old report on lunch and dinner in Limoux.

    I enjoyed the local specialties, salade de gesiers and fricassée de Limoux. This is also cassoulet country. In fact when I returned home, I made my own gizzard confit so that I could reproduce this dish for my friends.

    The two restaurants that were recommended to me at that time were
    Cafe Hotel des Arcades (96 rue Saint Martin, 04 68 31 02 57, email:, open January through October) where I had dinner, and
    Maison de la Blanquette (46 bis promenade du Tivoli, 11300 Limoux, tel. 68 31 01 63). Both still appear to be in business, so perhaps another chowhound can share more recent experience.

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      Hi Melanie:

      Thanks for the tips. The countdown has begun. I will certainly report back if anything has changed!!

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        If you search below, you'll see my tip for Limoux. We were there 10 days ago for three nights. Definitely eat at Tantine & Ton Ton. It looks very ordinary from the outside, but the food is fantastic as is the service. It was definitely the best food in town. On Sunday nights Domaine Gayda, a short ride out of town, serves a set dinner at a very reasonable price. During the week, I've heard the meal is very expensive but excellent. The views of the vineyard make it a lovely setting, but the food was just OK, not great the Sunday we were there.

        I think our B&B owner told us that one of the restaurants had just gotten a Michelin star, but I'm sorry not to remember which one. It could have been Grand Hôtel Moderne Et Pigeon.

        We had a very nice terrace lunch in Alet-les-Bains. There's a hotel near the parking lot (close to the river), and the frogs legs were delicious. If you are in the area for 2 weeks, I'm sure you'll be in Carcassonne, too. We didn't have a meal there, but some places near the church looked very interesting.

      2. don't over look Blanquette de Limoux, a lovely sparkling white wine produced in the region.