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May 1, 2012 07:23 PM

Non-swanky steakhouse downtown?

Will be staying downtown for a summer weekend of baseball games with old buddies and seek advice on a good value steakhouse that's not a swanky joint. I see rave reviews for Jordan's, Burke's and Gibson's, but they seem too upscale for our tastes. We're just looking for a reliable place that serves great steaks in the $30 range. Thanks.

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  1. You're not going to find much in that price range. Wildfire might be your best bet.

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    1. re: camusman

      There's always Ronny's, although you can't be 100% sure their steaks are sourced from cattle:

      1. re: ferret

        hmmmm... Eight bucks for an 8 oz. steak with all the fixins? Their breakfast menu looks great.

    2. There's Wildfire, which bills itself as a 1940s Chicago Supper club.
      Or you might consider Mon Ami Gabi in the Beldon Stratford Hotel on Lincoln Park West. It features steak frites with every imaginable cut and style of steak. It's not exactly downtown, but it's in your price range.

      1. Saloon Steakhouse might work for you guys. And if one of the games is up in Wrigley, you might swing by Tango Sur (Argentine steak house, BYO).

        200 East Chestnut St

        Tango Sur
        3763 North Southport Ave

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          Just worth noting that Tango Sur doesn't take reservations - at least not for parties smaller than 6 - and the wait can be long.

          1. re: chicgail

            verrrrrrrrrrry loooooooooooooooooong

        2. Thanks all for the fine feedback. Just what I was seeking.

          1. Is Ronnys far from the Palmer House? Their breakfast menu looks terrific. Any experience with breakfast there? Thanks again.

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            1. re: Skip30

              Ronny's is walking distance from the Palmer House. But I've never eaten there.

              1. re: Skip30

                I hate to sound like a snob, but Ronny's is disgusting. It's like one of those $1.99 Vegas places of the 70s and 80s.

                You say that Jordan's, Gibson's, etc are "too upscale for your tastes." Do you really mean too much money or are you not sure about the actual dress code/feel of the places.

                If you don't go at least the level of Wildfire, which is jeans and a nice shirt, you will be eating subpar quality steak of the kind that you would get a low-end grocery.

                You don't need to dress up to go to a place like Gibson's--don't wear shorts and tshirts, but jackets are by no means required. The quality of beef and the skill of the broiler-man at the reputable steakhouses is much much much higher than the others.

                1. re: jbontario

                  Thanks for saying what I was reluctant to say, jbontario. Ronny's isn't "like"" one of those $1.99 Vegas places. It is one of those places.

                  Maybe breakfast would be ok there.

                2. re: Skip30

                  I was not trying to send you to Ronnie's. I was hoping my tongue-in-cheek warning about not being sure their steaks were sourced from cattle would be a clue. There are better breakfast spots in the area.

                  A nice cheap option is Cafecito, about a 10-minute walk from your hotel. It's a great Cuban sandwich place that serves terrific breakfast sandwiches and Cuban or regular coffee.