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Best dinner spot for group from work within short walking distance of Graumans Chinese Theater?

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About 8 of us, I don't want to go too casual or hole-in-the-wall, and folks have said they only want to park once for dinner and a show. I'm new to the area. Appreciate all advice. No food restrictions (cuisine, etc) that I know of.

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  1. Anyone? This is for tomorrow night.

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      Well is California Pizza Kitchen in Hollywood Highland too casual? Otherwise Musso & Frank is down the street just a few blocks.

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          +1 for Musso & Franks +0 for California Pizza Kitchen

          (and lucky you Thursday night is chicken pot pie night at Musso & Franks)

      1. Public Kitchen & Bar. It's very decent, a bit glam, but casual enough, definitely not a hole-in-the-wall.

        Right across the street from Chinese T.

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          If you want nice casual, I recommend The Grill on Hollywood, it's in the Highland/Hollywood Entertainment Complex. Great drinks and good food. Definitely not a hole-in-the-wall!!!

        2. We ended up at 25 degrees. Thanks to everyone who pointed me toward the Roosevelt. I had heard of 25 before, just didn't realize how close it was.