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May 1, 2012 03:40 PM

Kolaches at Some Valero Gas Stations

One of the things I really missed from living in Texas are Kolaches. I'm talking the "Tex-Czech" kind.

I found kolaches at the Valero gas station at 1925 2nd St
Benicia, CA 94510

I was told that all corporate Valero stations with a bakery have kolaches.

They have the type that have meat filings, with sausage, ham, or bacon, also with cheese and peppers. They do not have the fruit type.

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  1. Are they good? I've tried twice to get some at the Seaside location, where they told me they bake every morning. Here's my post on the Calif board.

    Sounds like they might be close to what you've had in Texas, since that's where the company is based.

    Crixa in Berkeley usually bakes kolachy's on Tuesdays though these are probably closer to the European original. I've not had one of these either.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Yes, they are good. I'd call them "middle of the road" for Texas, neither outstanding nor bad.

      They do seem to be baked fresh each morning. The bread itself is slightly sweet, like a Hawaiian sweet roll, with a salty, slightly buttery crust. I find that, they are a bit spotty on how done they are, some times being a bit doughy inside and sometimes being bit dark on the outside, but never dry inside.

      My favorite is the jalapeno sausage and cheese, with the regular sausage one right behind that, then the ham and cheese. I'm not a fan of the breakfast sausage ones, or of the ones with bacon and/or eggs, due to the lack of flavor in the bacon, and the flavor of the sausage that comes with the egg ones.

      1. re: VaderSS

        The only Texas kolaches I've eaten were from Shipleys. They reminded me of bagel dogs, only with hawaiian roll dough and enough space inside that the hot dog bounced around. How do those compare to the Valero ones?

        I had the Crixa cakes plum and something or other kolache recently, and had to google "kolache" to see which country (Texas or other) invented them first. They had a pleasant amount of structure to them and weren't as sweet and airy as a Hawaiian roll, a Chinese bun, or a Shipleys kolache.

        1. re: hyperbowler

          These are similar to Shipleys, but the filling is tightly encased, so it does not move around.

        2. re: VaderSS


          So, I've done a quick search for the Valero locations besides that have a Corner Store, meaning a chance that they offer kolaches in the morning. Probably still best to call ahead to check.

          Corner Store #3801
          12678 SAN PABLO AVE
          RICHMOND , CA 94805-1408
          (510) 237-5110

          Valero Corner Store #3805
          2401 APPIAN WAY
          PINOLE , CA 94564-2246
          (510) 222-6105

          Valero Corner Store #3812
          4141 ALHAMBRA AVE
          MARTINEZ , CA 94553-3823
          (925) 335-9278

          Valero Corner Store #3800
          1091 MARKET PLACE
          SAN RAMON , CA 94583-4773
          (925) 866-0367

          Corner Store #3802
          890 COLEMAN AVE
          SAN JOSE , CA 95110-1819
          (408) 998-2911

          Valero Corner Store #3804
          705 SAN ANTONIO RD
          PALO ALTO , CA 94303-4801
          (650) 494-7242

          Valero Corner Store #3727
          14660 MONTEREY HWY
          SAN MARTIN
          MORGAN HILL , CA 95046-9547
          (408) 779-8222

          Valero Corner Store #3809
          2278 TENNESSEE ST
          VALLEJO , CA 94591-4885
          (707) 552-6029

          Valero Corner Store #3806
          1405 ARY LANE
          DIXON , CA 95620-4200
          (707) 678-5783

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