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May 1, 2012 03:34 PM

WD-50 to remove a la carte options, replace entire menu, May 10th

The entire menu is getting revamped. All new dishes starting May 10th.

There will be a 5 course greatest hits menu ($75) and an approx 12 course tasting ($155). A la carte will only be available at the bar.

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  1. Caught this one earlier today. I haven't been to WD-50 yet (and it continues to remain on my list) but I'm impressed by the focus on innovation and improvement - even though I admittedly am not a huge fan of molecular gastronomy. Looking forward to hearing some reviews of the new menu.

    1. The new dishes look amazing, can't wait to try them—although I will miss that "everything bagel".

      1. One thing that I didn't quite get from the article-- it said "all new menu-- everything must go" and then there's the "greatest hits" which seems to negate that.

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          I think even the greatest hits will change regularly though—e.g., you can't just walk in and order the aerated foie or the eggs benedict.

        2. Glad to know that WD-50 will still offfer its greatest hits. I'm curious whether 12 course tasting menu will go in the direction of Alinea (tiny courses, magic tricks, etc.).

          1. Exciting! We were thinking about going back for a tasting recently but felt like we should explore new territory and chose a different restaurant. Naturally, I love this idea.