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May 1, 2012 03:27 PM

Crushed Ice for Mint Juleps?

Where in Seattle can I buy pre-crushed ice for mint juleps this weekend?

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    1. The ice that you find bagged at the grocery store is going to be too large for mint juleps. I bought a really cool one at antique mall a few years ago. Short of that, you can wrap the ice in a towel and pound it with a mallet, rolling pin, meat tenderizer, etc.

      1. Pre-crushed ice is more or less guaranteed to taste like a plastic bag and be entirely absent the little ice crystals that finish the Julep. Just freeze some water today (not yesterday, surely not last week and absolutely not older than that) and crush it yourself, as Lauren suggests and as shown here:

        1. Lauren and mrnelso - right on! You are making me homesick for Kentucky.