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May 1, 2012 03:23 PM

Finger lickin' good? [moved from General topics]

So my SO and I have been together a good while (5 years), so this is NOT a question of "first date" manners. The other night we went out to a BBQ joint where I was eating with my hands and it got a little messy, and we didnt have any paper napkins, just the red cloth napkin that was on my lap. Well, without even thinking, I licked the sauce off of my fingers (just a bit, I was discrete lol). It was just like instinct- my finger had a delicious sweet sauce on them, my mouth wanted to clean it off. Despite being WAY past the point of petty turn offs, my SO and I got into a bit of an argument over it because it apparently embarrassed him.
How terrible is licking your fingers (assuming the setting is casual/not fine dining obviously)? When (if ever) is it okay?
Do you ever lick your fingers when eating messy finger food like BBQ and if so, what is your "technique"?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Yikes, who is your SO, Margaret Dumont?

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    1. As long as you know where your fingers have been, and you want to lick them, then it's really noones business. I'm sure that Emily Post would not agree, but this is 2012 not 1960.

      1. BB?. If i was at a BBQ joint and my SO had fingers covered in sauce....I'd lick it off their fingers!

        1. I agree with everyone else! It's no different from slurping noodles in a noodle house. It may be considered rude in another setting, but in that particular setting there is nothing wrong with it.

          1. What kind of BBQ place only has cloth napkins?! The one I go to has rolls of paper towels at each table! That's real BBQ!