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May 1, 2012 03:09 PM

BBQ Charlotte?

just read through the old boards on this topic ....Midwood still the best local bet? saw one mention of Bubba's but nothing else that is somewhat authentic and NC flavored.

a bunch of hungry arizonans at the Omni (with a car)

thanks in Advance

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  1. Midwood is the best bet for a "new school" experience. Olde Hickory House is best for "old school" type place. Some people like Mac's...I'm not a fan, but it may be worth a visit if you're trying multiple places. I have heard good things about Queen City Q (uptown),, but haven't been yet.

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      I'm with Carolinadawg on this one. Midwood is going to be your best bet for "new school" If you want more traditional, the going opinion on the site has been head out of town to the outlying territories.

      1. re: Nocturnalbill

        decision was made to go to Mac's Speed Shop. Great okra stew, red beans and rice, and brunswick stew. Lousy tough brisket. Pulled pork looked better but I didn't taste it.
        Thanks for the tip, unfortunatley rtomorrow is a corporate deal so no leeway to do anything interesting. thanks though and steer clear of Mac's....

    2. Sorry about your bad experience. FYI brisket is not barbecue. I say this not as an insult to you or anyone else that eats that cut of beef. I just feel I should point that out since I keep seeing recommendations for Midwood and Mac's, two places known for brisket, not barbecue.

      Try the aforementioned Olde Hickory House (which strangely enough is probably more Georgia style). Or better yet try Bill Spoons.

      I'd tell you to travel to Shelby or Lexington as is often advised, but that's really only good advice for those who are very determined and have lots of time and gas to spare.

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        Have you, or anyone out there, been to Queen City Q? Like carolinadawg, I've heard good things but I haven't gotten up there yet. I know some local reputable chefs that give them the thumbs up. From what I understand their pit master is Boone Gibson formerly the OP (original pitmaster) at Mac's.

        I recently had some smoked pulled pork from the Dan The Pig Man food truck. I loved it. He also was serving smoked ribs, duck carnitas and brisket. This guy has quite the reputation and he regularly has his truck at the Sat. Atherton Market. You can visit his FB page to find out where else in town he will be.

        1. re: lynnlato

          I did a takeout lunch of pulled pork with collards, green bean casserole and mac&cheese from Queen City Q last Friday. The pork was decent enough, although it lacked the complexity of any of the true top NC bbq joints. I wouldn't even put it in the same category as The Pit in Raleigh. Just too uniform, not enough smoke or crunch in the caramelized parts, but not objectionable either. I don't know whether I would put it above or below Midwood. The sides were good too but pretty unhealthy. Anything with a lot of pork stock, butter or cheese is going to taste alright, but they were a bit heavy.

          Still, there's no way I'd ever choose Queen City Q if I were otherwise going to Bridges Barbecue Lodge in Shelby or Lexington #1. As something in CLT itself though - maybe the occasional visit. I still think it's the sort of place that is focusing as much on atmosphere as execution, but maybe you have to if you're Uptown.

          1. re: mikeh

            Thanks Mike. I'm headed to Lexington #1 this weekend. It'll be my first visit there. I can't wait.

            Sue, that's hilarious! Gotta love neighborhood joints where they aren't afraid to tell it like it is. lol

            1. re: mikeh

              Hi Mike

              Have you ever been to Olde Hickory House on N. Tryon Street? I'm curious as to your take on it. Thanks!

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              If you haven't gone to Bridges yet, make a road trip. It's great. My dear friend is the head of Cleveland County DOT. I was in there with her and everybody in the place came to our table to complain about a pothole or some such! It was hilarious.

              1. re: lynnlato

                I'm not familiar with Queen City Q. I was going to mention Dan the Pig Man but I don't know where he parks now so thanks for the update. He is a nice guy who really knows what he's doing with a pig.