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May 1, 2012 02:38 PM

Best nabeyaki udon in Toronto?

I have a friend coming in from out of town who is a noodle fanatic. She particularly loves nabeyaki udon and wants to have some while she's here. I haven't had this dish at any Japanese restaurants in Toronto, but remember it fondly from my mom making it while I was growing up.

Can anyone please recommend a restaurant in the GTA where they serve a great, authentic version of this dish?


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  1. I find that Ema Tei does a good version of this dish. I've tried it at Zen, Cafe Michi, and Ichiriki and I like Ema Tei's best.

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    1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

      I know now what to order when I go to Ema-Tei.

      1. re: T Long

        Yeah, I mean, I love pretty much everything they do except the sushi. I particularly like their Nabe dishes. Been rinsing those the last couple times I've been. I want to try their special advance order Nabe at some point..

      2. re: Notorious P.I.G.

        I disliked udon in general until I had Ematei version. I had it there again last month and its still as I remembered it.

        1. Would have to agree with others - Ematei is the best for nabeyaki udon.

          1. Tokyo Grill makes a mean nabeyaki as well. I had it a month ago last and was surprised they put lots of veggies in - pea shoot sprouts!

            They also have soba every last Saturday of the month.

            1. Thanks everyone for the recommendations! I can't find a website for either Ematei or Tokyo Grill and have not been to either restaurant. How big are these places and would I need to make a reservation on a weekend night? Could anyone please give me a rough idea of how much they would charge for nabeyaki udon or where I could access a menu?

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                They're usually packed over the weekend so I would reserve just in case. In the very least it will save you a wait in line at prime hours.

                Not sure how much the Udon is but it's nothing outrageous price wise. It is however, outrageiously tasty.

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                  Neither have websites. You can find some reviews of Ematei for sure, and get an idea of their menu. Tokyo Grill generally doesn't take reservations. They have like 6 tables in the front and maybe 5 in the back, so not that big. It'll be busy if you go around dinner time. Nabeyaki udon will probably be like $11 or $12.

                  I enjoy their sukiyaki, and their oyakodon. Most of their stuff is decent.

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                    It's $13.95 if I recall, their most expensive udon option.

                    They do get busy on weekends, call for reso if you need primetime seating.

                  2. Wow ematei seems to be getting all the votes I guess I will try it there.
                    I also saw someone order it at wow sushi (one of my fav sushi spots now) and it looked decent has anyone had a chance to try it.
                    I also find it hard to go back to normal soup base after having tried the Kombu Tsuyu (its the seaweed based version according to my Japanese friend). I pick up this Yamasa brand soup base at J-Town and have not seen it elsewhere and highly recommend it for home cooks.
                    Its a surprisingly easy though requiring a lot of distinct ingredients dish which is nice on a cold day.