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May 1, 2012 02:01 PM

Daniel or EMP?? Which is a better experience?

Daniel or EMP?? Which is a better experience?

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  1. For me, Daniel has better food and service though it's quite formal. It also has the more rarefied atmosphere I think.

    1. Your question is about to bring on a fire-storm of opposing views, but my vote is EMP 100%. My two dining experiences at Daniel had some of the worst (snooty) service ever. Food was pretty good (I think). EMP has stellar service and exquisite food.

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        yeah. this one will be fun to watch.

      2. At least if you're not known to the restaurant, there's no question that EMP is a better experience.

        (If you ARE known to the restaurant, Daniel is hard to beat.)

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          I'm not at all keen on making claims based on a small N, in this case my one dinner at Daniel. Let me preface further that I'm in my early twenties, generally quite a tatterdemalion, and was not known to the restaurant. All of that noted, once I made it past the are-you-in-the-wrong-restaurant look from the older lady at the coat check, I enjoyed a nonpareil dining experience.

        2. What are you looking for? You can have a wonderful dining experience at either spot - but as ellenost says you will see many divergent views here.

          1. I have eaten at both more than once. EMP has provided me with some of the most memorable dining experiences I have had at a white-tablecloth place, and consistently ranks in my top two in NYC for service (Per Se being the other). My fiance trailed in their kitchen for an evening and had nothing but very positive things to say about the BOH atmosphere as well (no, she never worked there, so I assume I can post about the place). It is a wonderful restaurant top to bottom.

            All I will say about Daniel is that, on a very special occasion, it provided my family and I with the single worst fine-dining experience of my life. It was bad enough that, despite better prior visits, I will never return, and the staff's total lack of concern for our happiness and enjoyment forces me to warn others of my experience whenever advice is solicited.

            So, to me, the choice is clear: Of my many meals at EMP, I have never had less than a very good experience and a few times I have been absolutely blown away. Go there. You will be happy.

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              Single rudest service ever experienced in any restaurant was at Daniel.