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May 1, 2012 01:55 PM

Twist- dining room or bar?

Gf and I are still unsure whethere to go for the 3-course tasting or a la carte, but what we know for sure is that we will be having a non-alchoholic pairing with our meal. I have emailed twist and they said they can set something up for us.

Would it better suited for us to sit at the bar and have conversations with the bartender about the non alcoholic drinks? We are both chefs so we would love to have some input on what he/she mixes.

Is the dining room's ambience and service worth skipping the bar and is there a difference between the two menus?

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  1. I would recommend sitting at a table. I dined at Twist two years ago, and did not see anyone having dinner at the bar (only drinks). For the amount of money you're about to spend, you should do so at the comfort of a table and chairs.