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May 1, 2012 01:34 PM

Kosher Boston Trip

We are planning a trip to Boston in June for 2 nights. I was looking for reviews on
kosher restraunts in Boston.

As always thanks!

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  1. If you are not aware there are not many kosher options in Boston proper - most are in Brookline or Newton - check out to search for Boston establishments with reviews -

    1. Visiting Boston is good fun but it is not much of a Kosher Chow destination. I spent last week in Boston and did the kosher rounds: Rubin's is adequate but it has not aged well over the yeas; Ta'am China is unexeptional (how I miss Ruth's Kitchen!); Eilat Cafe? well, they try but I'd avoid the pizza and the pannini and nothing else seemed too exciting. I didn't go to Rami's but I have some fond recollections. Milk Street Cafe is good but has limited hours. I am returning next month and am tempted to try the JP Licks in Jamaica Plain, which has been reported to have nice brunch food. I understand that there are some good bakeries in Newton. Kupels in Brookline is useful but somewhat hit or miss.

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        JP Licks is a funky coffee shop that makes waffles and a few other items. It's like a miracle because it's in Boston, and in a neighborhood that's not particularly Jewish. The ice cream and waffles are very, very good, as is the coffee. But you summed up Boston very well. Lots of reasons to go, kosher chow not among them.