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May 1, 2012 01:32 PM

Best Dishes at New Shanghai

I was planning on trying take-out from New Shanghai for the first time tomorrow night. I've done a good amount of searching, but haven't found a thread that lists CH's favorite dishes at New Shanghai (although there are many threads with people mentioning that they like the food generally). I am partial to Sichuan dishes, but just hoping to get an idea of what specific dishes people think they do best. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Chengdu Chicken, Cumin Lamb, Ma Po Tofu, Numbing bamboo shoots, Beef pancake.

    1. Under Szecuan appetizers, I like Szechuan Won Ton w/red Chile sauce (C32) Dan Dan Noodles (C34), shredded chicken w spicy special sauce (31).

      Boiled beef filet w/red pepper and bean sprouts..b139..very spicy. I always get this one.

      They do a nice job with stir fried mala kidney

      Scallion lamb..h71...A lot of people love the cumin lamb..h70 but I don't care for the batter coating; but worth a try. Enough people love it.

      Under Peking Snacks, Peking Spicy Cabbage(P45) and Numbing Hot Shredded Bamboo Shoots..P52.

      This is MY list and I'll be the first to admit that I'm in a rut and usually order many of the same items. I need to get more daring.

      Look forward to hearing other's favorites.

      1. I like the spicy chicken that 9lives suggested. I wrote about it, and other things I ate, in this thread back in 2010, and there are several responses. Could be helpful if you haven't looked at this thread already!

        Dave MP

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          We ordered last night. Szechuan Won Ton and Dan Dan Noodles were the stars, just what one would expect from a good Szechuan place, ma la yum (particularly the Dan Dan Noodles). Szechuan twice cooked pork belly was very good, but I had a Szechuan spicy sliced pork with garlic there before that was a really great dish, similar but with better bacony numbingness. Scallion lamb was fine but nothing special in my opinion. Peking ravioli (which my brother wanted) were below expectations (a darker dryer filling than I would have wanted). Soup dumplings didn't survive the drive home well, so I will give them a pass. Thanks for the advice. If anyone has further favorites, please pass them on because we will definitely get takeout from New Shanghai again.

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            I've given up on the soup dumpling..far better at Dumpling Cafe; not sure how well they travel, from wherever... taiwanese fried dumplings are also far better at DC.

            I didn't recommend the spicy chicken. Gourmaniac did but I second the Chengdu chix that he made.

            1. re: 9lives

              the shredded chicken w/ spicy special sauce - that's the one I like.

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                Soup dumplings from Dumpling Cafe travel fine, i.e. intact and delicious, but are never quite hot enough after sitting in a container for more than 5 minutes.

          2. In addition to what has been mentioned (Chengdu hot-dry chicken, numbing bamboo shoots, cumin lamb) I've always enjoyed the classic Sichuan green beans.

            I've been meaning to try their rendition of dry fried whole fish swimming in red sichuan peppercorns broth. Anyone tried it?

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              I think this was liang fen
              it was really really good

            2. We went to New Shanghai last week and absolutely LOVED the following 3 dishes!
              1. Shredded Chicken with Spicy Special Sauce (L31)
              2. Boiled Fish fillet & Red Pepper Bean Sprouts (H82)
              3. Twice Cooked Fish Fillet (G109)

              I wanted some help with the menu for exploring some of the other Sichuan specialties for next time.. since our only problem with new Shanghai was that the staff wasn't very helpful when asked for descriptions of the menu items!

              In particular, has anyone tried the Dry Spicy Fish or the Dry Cooked Fish Fillet & Szechuan Sauce. The picture of the latter on their menu looks almost identical to the Twice cooked fish, so I'm not sure what the difference is. And has anyone tried the Steamed fish Fillet with Chef’s Sauce in Hot Pot (H77)? We wanted to order that but the server told us that it was not boneless (even though the name says filet)! Really looking forward to going back to New Shanghai, the items we tried were fantastic, and a nice change from always trekking to Framingham for a Sichuan fix! ;-)

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              1. re: chow_lover

                The numbers are only useful if you have a copy of the menu at hand. The actual Chinese characters would be more helpful, since then I would know, e.g., if the dry cooked fish fillet 'and' Sichuan sauce is the gan guo fish (干锅鱼) which is a totally delicious mix of deep-fried crispy fish, garlic, and bamboo shoots in a tiny wok over sterno.

                1. re: KWagle

                  Hi KWagle, thanks for the response! Here are the menu items with their Chinese characters:

                  Items I needs help with.. a common name used at other Sichuan restaurants or a description will be helpful!
                  1. 沸騰魚 (Steamed fish Fillet with Chef’s Sauce in Hot Pot)
                  2. 大千干燒魚 (Dry Spicy Fish)
                  3. 干鍋魚片 (Dry Cooked Fish Fillet & Szechuan Sauce)

                  Fish dishes I've tried and absolutely loved:
                  4. 水煮魚 (Boiled Fish fillet & Red Pepper Bean Sprouts)
                  5. 回鍋魚片 (Twice cooked fish filet)


                  1. re: chow_lover

                    I'm pretty sure the first one is feiteng fish, or boiling fish. It's similar to the boiled fish filet (whose Chinese name is "water cooked") namely a large bowl of broth with fish and bean thread noodles.

                    The second one I think I asked about when I was there; I think it's a whole fish of some kind. (Google image search concurs.) I've never had it, and I find whole tilapia a bit of a chore to eat.

                    The third is gan guo fish, one of my favorite dishes.