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May 1, 2012 01:03 PM

Chow-worthy in Delray?

I need a midscale to upscale restaurant with delicious food, preferably in Boynton/Lake Worth/Delray. Did Henry's last time and need to move on. Maybe someplace in one of those cute Delray neighborhoods? A gastropub that actually has good food? Nothing too frou-frou, as we'll have Grandma and a teen with us. Help?

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  1. Sounds like Max's Harvest could be ideal for you. See this thread, and read down to where another diner, "Erica from New York" asked a lot of questions... and then had them answered when she visited recently ==>

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      Oh wow, this looks like a winner. Sincere thanks. Someone on the Central Florida board, where I wrongly posted this originally, suggest Tryst. Any thoughts on one versus the other?

      1. re: Rona Gindin

        I like Tryst. It's one of my "locals go to" place. However, indoors it's a bit more "pub" than "gastro" and might be a bit loud / hipster-scene-ish, especially for grandma. Outdoors less so, however we're getting into rainy humid season so planning on that can be risky.Tryst is also right on the Ave so there's more of the Delray "scene" right outside, as a potential positive (or not)!

        Max's is two blocks off the Ave in Pineapple Grove, still within after-dinner strolling distance for sure. It's still loud but I'd say your more apt to find a mix of older folks here. Not fuddy-duddy's by any means but defintely a bit more "mature". And I'd have to rate the food above anything I've had on the Ave recently.

      2. re: CFByrne

        Max's Harvest was PERFECT. We all loved our meals..

        Those pan-fried baby artichokes with basil aioli were amazing, as was the tomato-mozzarella thing. The dry-aged beef burger with homemade fries was possibly the best burger I ever had. My mother loved the chicken--I have never seen her eat like that. My husband said the pork chop was slightly bland but it was supposed to come with a sausage dressing. He swapped that out for risotto, which he's still talking about two days later, but the chop was designed to go with that sausage, which surely would have tied the dish together perfectly. The desserts (flourless chocolate cake, an apple thing, donuts) were delicious and huge.

        The service was really polished, which is such a nice change. The staff changed our utensils after ever course, remembered to bring extra plates, did all those little things that make such a difference.

        So here's a sincere recommendation for Max's Harvest. Thanks CFByrne for the rec.

        1. re: Rona Gindin

          Check out Linda Bean's Perfect Maine Lobster Roll on Atlantic Ave for an awesome lobster roll done as authentic as what you'd find in New England (which is where I'm from and eat lobster rolls often :))